• One day there was a lone black and grey German shepered he was a newborn cub his parents were killed by a car,got ran over.Poor family no one new about it, untiil one car came by late one morning and heard a bark on the sidewalk.No body cared for the dog so everyone left the dog there.But the car that heard the bark stop and picked the German shepered up and told the dog i will name you oliver.This man had a huge family they were kind,polite,and wealthy.So they all had a big meeting were they will dicide who will buy this or this.Everyone bought one thing and gave it to oliver.The dog now was 5 weeks old,so at this point everyone started to train oliver they tought him to go potty outside,or role over things like that.Oliver began to become bigger and stronger this dog now could take down a criminal he was a super dog after what he has been trained to do he can join the dog olimpics.The owner of the dog intered a dog contest to see who is #1 dog.Well for sure they voted for oliver.The day of the olipics every body was there they all voted oliver to win and they sat at the stadium and watched.Oliver jumped over the tires like it was nothing.Oliver ran faster than any other dog out there.Oliver was just to good he won the olipics and also had found another german shepered named missy oliver was in shock to see her loose.So oliver gave up the medal and gave it to missy so she could wear and they were best freinds for life. The End
    Writing done by:ii_have_a_life_ii