• Prologue

    Something wake Abby William in the dead of night, although she wasn't completely sure what it actually was. She opened her eyes and looked around, having to set up on her bed to get a better view. It was to late in night start moving around her room without waking her parents, so she glazed around the room instead. Even though she was filamentary with room, it was still hard to see anything more an a couple of feet away form her bed.

    Is that whats wrong, my sight or...the darkness, it seems to thick even for this time of night.

    Than a sound, the same one that had woken her, happened again. Popping and cracking like throwing a cold log into a fireplace. All at once her eyes grow big and in understanding. She jumped out bed and ran to the door, pausing before touching the door knob lightly. She felt and heard the hiss of skin burning against the metal, quickly pulling her head back with a yelp.

    That smell, its smoke and fire but how long has it been burning?Why did no one come to wake me to get out of the house? Where is everyone and did they get out in time?

    Millions of thoughts ran through her head until one finally stuck: How do I get out?

    Abby looked around the room and grab a bundle of blanket, hoping it wouldn't go up in flames, she rapped it around her hand and tried to pull the door open but nothing happened. She tried again, digging her heels into the floor and yanking with everything she had, not so much has a creek form the wood. Panic starts to set in now as she pulls a couple of more time, trying to well the door open with strength alone. She only stops when she starts to feel the heat on her bear skin through the blanket and drops it to the floor.

    She spins around looking for another way out and it takes her a few moments to find it but there is small window at the far wall, the one she never used because it would never open. Quickly she runs across the room and taps the window, it's only just starting to get warm. She makes over to her backpack and grabs a heavy textbook, than throws it a hard has she can at the glass and makes it shatter into thousands of pieces.

    Not caring about the little pieces of glass still along the seal, she leaps out the window and onto the grass, instantly getting hit by a way of heat that feels like lava. Before she can even think of what to do next, she has up and running, he body wanting to do anything it can it get away form the burning heat of the flames.

    But when she's only a few feet form the house, she hears it. Stopping cold her tracks, the sound happens again, it's unmistakable this time. A scream, someone calling her name, making her blood biol with fear and not wanting to turn at see. The thing screams her name again and everything in her tells her to keep moving forward but she turns around toward the house and stares in a sea of flames.

    The house is in a full scale inferno, every window and door encased in flames. Some how the second floor of the house is still standing but the cracking and snapping of the wood isn't hard to mistake. The bright flames make it hard to see but seconds after hearing a third scream, she spots her brother wrapped in a blanket on a second floor window.

    Her brother, David, is only seven years old and with the heat licking at his skin and eyes wide with fear, he looks much younger. He screams again but this one chocked by smoke and his throat is dry form sweating so much because of the heat.
    “Abby, please, what do I do!?” he screams and pulls the blanket over his mouth to try and keep the smoke out.

    Her voice shaking, Abby says, “cover your mouth and take small breaths, I knows it hard to breath up there but you have to stay calm, okay?'

    It's small but he nods and fixes his gaze on his older sister, his eyes begging for a way of her to help.

    Some where down the road, police and fire-truckers are heard rushing to the scene but the police cars smaller and get there before anyone else does. Abby screams at the top of her lungs, pleading and begging for them to save her brother. They run up to her, saying something but she doesn't listen. she starts to move toward the house but she's catch and tries to break free, she loses the battle when they lock her in the police car with tears running down face.

    Moments later, there is loud crack and the sound of breaking glass and wood. A blood-stopping scream echos through the night has the house collapses in on itself and falls into pieces. There is no hope for anyone left inside.