• This is the story of a boy, but he isn't just any boy, no.You see, this boy was born special. He had the ability to see things no ordinary mortal could, good or bad. He saw fairies playfully laughing in the trees, and little red demons causing mischief by pulling pranks on humans. When he was young, his parents told him to never talk to strangers, but as you may already know, little kids don't listen very well. Then one day,while the boy was walking into town, a man in a giant trench coat came out of no where in front of him. He asked, "hey kid, how 'bout you come with me? i got something you would really love..." and then he pulled out a box, red as blood and tied in a black bow, dark as night. Now the boy knew better, but he couldn't resist, so he took the gift. As soon as he opened it, his vision went black. All he could hear was a gruesome and horrible laugh in the distance... as the boy came to his senses, he looked around and for a moment, he was absolutely terrified. There was a red little creature looking over him. "Your the weirdest-looking soul I've ever seen." said the creature. As the boy was about to justify himself, a horrid screech came from in the distance. The sound made the demon scurry away. Now the boy was alone on a road, so he walked forward. As he was walking, he saw other people walking his way to, but in fear. They were running from a man with a burning pitchfork and a whip. The boy hid off the road and in some bushes. When the terrible thing was gone, he arose and kept on wandering. when he was so tired, he couldn't walk anymore, he came to a giant door. He put his hand out to open it, but it magically opened it. In the room, he saw people getting tortured. The men and women were getting chopped to pieces. Then, sitting on a pink pedestal, was a woman who looked about 20. " I am the first of seven! i am Lust! The seducer, the conceiver!" the boy was terrified, but he saw the door and ran for his life, careful not to step on any bits and pieces of other people. The second door was bigger and had a smell of rotting...something. He walked through the door and instantly wished he hadn't. His nose was on fire! Imagine the worst smell you've ever smelt in your life. This smell was a million times worst. Then he spotted more people. They were boiling in what seemed like blood, with demons hitting their bobbing heads with spiked clubs. And then he saw a giant man who looked like an over-sized watermelon . His skin was a sickly shade of green. as he saw me, he said, "WELCOME YE WHO HAS SINNED! BOW DOWN TO ME, GLUTTONY, THE SECOND OF THE DEADLY SEVEN! I AM THE ENGOURGER, THE DEVOURER!" The boy ran and never looked back. The next rooms were too gruesome to imagine. The third room was a room made of pure gold, and in the middle were two men arguing over a gold piece. "ITS MINE!" said the man on the left with the beard. "NO, ITS MINE! I SAW IT FIRST!" said the one on the right with a hat. Then they saw the boy and said, in a very annoyed mood, "GO AWAY!" in unison, " GREED DOESN'T LIKE COMPANY!" Around the little boy, people were walking around with their eyes sewn shut and forced to walk on burning coals.The next room was with people getting killed by the person who killed them in life over and over again. A man in white looked at him, and said " I'm Anger, and i'm going to kill you if you don't get out of my sight!" He ran, feeling a warm liquid running down his pants. The next room was just a church with a man looking down at the people who were suffering. They were hanging by their feet, and their heads were submerged in lava. There was a man sitting under the statue , and he looked very hyper. He saw him and smiled. "WELCOME BROTHER! I AM HERESY, AND I AM THE PUNISHER OF SOULS OF THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T HAVE FAITH IN THEIR SAVIOR!" He bowed down, and that's when he ran. The final door was as black as pitch. It opened at an alarming speed, and the boy walked in. Instantly, he felt like he wasn't scared anymore, he knew what he felt. A rush of adrenaline. A surge or power-pride. Suddenly, he saw a buff man, with a crew cut and a white t, too small for his own good. He said in a manly voice, " I AM PRIDE, THE MOST DEADLY SIN! THE BOASTFUL, THE VAINGLORIOUS! I AM ALL POWERFUL!" This guy was full of himself, but now i know why he was the most deadly. Behind him , people were forced to walk with stone slabs on their backs showing the most humiliating things they have done in life to show them humility. the boy ran out of the room, feeling powerless. He saw every sin there is, and yet, he was still alive, or was he... Just then, the same man who gave him the gift was standing right in front of him, and he transformed in the darkness. He became a being made of pure fear and hatred. i had a feeling i knew him. "Welcome home...Damian..."

    The boy awoke with a start. He looked down and realized he was in a straight jacket. He was in a padded room, and he saw the same man in his so called "dream" standing in the other side of he room. Now he knew where he was. He was in a mental hospital, and he was devastated. Then he saw a man come in with a needle with green liquid in it. He came up to him and laid him down. he should have stopped him, but he was in a daze. He shot him with the liquid, and the last thing he heard before he died, was from the man in the corner, saying " see you in hell..." twisted