• Touhou - the Gensokyo Dalek invasion

    Chapter 4 - Eientei and Higan

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    *That very night, the guards moved John from the hospital wing to Kaguya's royal chamber, without Eirin knowing about it. John was then treated with a medical herbed miso soup to help sustain him durring the night. Kaguya later began to talk to John about himself and how he came here.*

    Kaguya= So.... your not just a forenger.... your like a human alien...right?

    John= Well... since you put it that way, I am. Sort'a.

    Kaguya= I see. And your 3 companions. There not kin to you at all?

    John= Nope. There all forengers too.... well save one. Shinobu Myehara. She is total naitive of Japan. Kaolla and Nyamo are from more tropical regions.

    Kaguya= And you say you 4 travel toghether am I right?

    John= Yes.

    Kaguya= But are you comfortable.... being the only adult, and man traveling with a group of teenage girls?

    John= It dosen't bother me.

    Kaguya= And I heard you gave that iddiot fairy Cirno a bit of resistance when she attacked you. What sort of magic did you use?

    John= My basic spells. I sometimes use my wand, and then I use my hand wielded magic.

    Kaguya= So Marisa isn't the only magic wielder. But.... your not familiar with "Danmaku" aren't you?

    John= No im not im afraid. I did get a taste of it from that Cirno.

    Kaguya= How would you like to wield this kind of magic?

    John= Since im new here, I think I should start right away. I need to find some right trainers.

    Kaguya= Good idea.

    John= But that wasn't my very first however. There was this tengy named Aya, who got me into here in the 1st place. She used some kind of spell card that make her fly like a jet.

    *Kaguya began to giggle fiercely*

    Kaguya= So she got you into taking dirty photography of those fairies. I heard it all from Eirin.

    John= But I don't think it was funny. I thought I was gonna piss my pants...uh...I mean.... mess myself.

    *Kaguya began to laugh while John blushed in embarasment.*

    Kaguya= Your funny. It's been awhile sine anyone had been funny with me.

    John= But I was scared.

    Kaguya= You have no idea who Aya really is do you? She is a lewd photographer who caused the Scarlet Devil residence some trouble too. She also did a few lewd pictures of that Mokou as well. You should have been there, it was hillarious. Although I hate to menson that she did cause a fiasco here too some time ago too. But enough of that. I want to learn more about your powers and how you got them. Or was it that you would like to learn our magic am I right?

    John= Oh...yes.

    Kaguya= Oh, In that case, let's get you into something more better for you than this paitent gown.

    John= What about that tengu outfit...

    Kaguya= I have something better. Stay here. Servants! Find this guy something to wear......something more suitable.

    *The servants who listened to Kaguya were all rabbit youkai that had the apperance of children, wearing a carrot necklace with brown dressed and thick baggy bloomers. One of them wore a pink dress instead of brown, John assumed that this was their leader. They helped John into a red robe with yellow colred patterns with leaves, bamboo stalks and other images. They also went outside to set up some targets origionaly made for archery.*

    John= Archery targets?

    Kaguya= Now....show me that magic of yours.

    *John casted (fire 1) on the first target and it caught fire and began to burn. Then John casted (ice 1) on the next one and the target froze full of ice and snow particles were covered on it like had freezer burn. The next target John casted (thunder 1) and the target split halfway leaving electric burns. The next target John casted (Break) and the entire target turned into stone.*

    John= How's that?

    Kaguya= Not bad. But can you show me some more of this magic of yours with some more power? Im sure you can do better than that.

    John= I can if you like, but will that draw Eirin's attention?

    Kaguya= You worry too much. Now the next sets of targets. Show me more of that magic, but with more power.

    John= Ok. Here goes.

    *John took sight of the next set of targets, but John repeated the same order he did with the 1st set but he used more power. The 1st target he casted (Fire 3) and the flames turned the entire target into a pile of ashes. John casted (Ice 3) on the 2nd one, and the target was frozen in a 3ft. thick ice block with freezer burns in it. The 3rd target John casted (Thunder 3) and the target shattered into pieces and shot all over the field. The 4th target, John casted (Aero 3) and the target was ripped apart by the 3 second miniature tornado and the pieces came falling to the ground in a shattered pile.*

    Kaguya= Exelent.

    John= Ill show you more.

    *John casted (cure 2) on the rabbit youkai group and their simple cuts and bruses they had from their prevous work had been completely healed although they were startled when the magic landed on them as John casted it on them. They were suprised that it felt very pleasent.*

    Kaguya= What was that? Was that.....healing magic?

    John= It sure was.

    Kaguya= I still can't understand with all of that magic power, you were to loose to a simple minded ice fairy.

    John= It wasn't really that. I didn't want to hurt her.

    Kaguya= Being easy on your opponents will not get you very far. Especcaly here.

    *Suddenly, Eirin appeared and she was suprised to see John in a royal robe instead of the paitence gown and accompaning Kaguya in the palace grounds. Eirin was also stunned.*

    Eirin= K....k..Kaguya!? What is HE doing out of bed and doing with you!?

    Kaguya= I ordered my guards to take him with me. He was different from the other paitent's so I brought him here.

    Eirin= You should know better than to bring a paitent out in to palace grounds like this.

    John= Excuse me Miss Eirin. I think it's alright really. Although I was taken out of the dorms, I did enjoy myself out here. Miss Kaguya was really generous to ...

    Eirin= Well, since your a new face here and all.... Ill let this slide only once. Next time you get hurt and sleep in the dorms, I don't wanna ....

    Kaguya= But John was such fun company. We have got to do this again. You should have been here when I had the archery targets to be moved here and.... well....look at the targets.

    *Eirin investigated the archery targets brought outsode and examined the damage John's magic had done to them.*

    Eirin= What the heck? John....did you do this?

    John= Yes I did. What do you think?

    Eirin= For someone who isn't familiar with danmaku, you sure did a great deal of damage to the targets.

    John= But if you want me to pay for them,...I..

    Eirin= It's alright. I am alittle impressed.....but promise me you will not tell anyone about what happened here tonight. And you are going back to the dorms and your going to bed.

    Kaguya= I want John to stay in my quarters tonight. I thought he was so much fun to .....

    Eirin= Kaguya!?

    Kaguya= Although he's only a human, he was still really ....

    Eirin= You can stay with Kaguya John, but only tonight. Tell no one, understand?

    John= Ok. I promise.

    *The next day, Reimu, Kaolla, Shinobu, Nyamo, and Yukari arrived in Eientei to pick up John.*

    Eirin= So your going to pay the bill Yukari?

    Yukari= I might as well. Don't worry, Aya WILL owe me!

    Eirin= Ok, now you wanted to talk to me about something else correct?

    Yukari= Yes. It's about John, and.... other issues....

    Eirin= Very well. But there was also an incident last night, so suprisingly for you all, John is at the Eientei palace grounds. It seems that John had been hosted by our princess.

    Yukari= HUH!? That's ..... unusual.

    Eirin= You know our princess and her curiousness. I cought them out in the palace archery fields too. It seemed that our princess demanded our paitent to demonstrate his magic for us. I was alittle impressed but I never expected someone like him to loose to that fairy. John may had been too easy with his attacker. Reisen! Tewi! Please escort our guests to the palace grounds. I have buisness to discuss with Miss Yakumo.

    Reisen= Yes master Eirin.

    Tewi= Of'corse.

    *Tewi was a rabbit youkai identicle to the others excpet she wore a pink dress instead of a brown one, and Reisen was human height lunar rabbit, and she looked very human except for her ears and tail. They escorted the guests to the palace grounds. Once there, they were suprised to see John in a royal robe sitting at a table eating royal cooked rice cakes and tea right next to Kaguya.*

    Reimu= Oh boy...Mokou is gonna be pissed at John now.

    Kaolla= John is so lucky!

    Shinobu= I wouldn't be too sure about that.

    Reisen= Right this way please.

    Tewi= It was rather fun last night. I saw that magic demonstration. Im suprised that there are some humans that can actually petrify.

    Kaolla= You should see his other magic he's learned.

    Nyamo= Now Kaolla, let's not encourage them.

    Reimu= Let's not cause more trouble. It's bad enough were getting called to court.

    *They approached the outside platform in the courtyard which was surrounded by more walls and more of the bamboo forest could be seen. John was suprised to see Kaolla allongside Shinobu, Nyamo and Reimu was there too. John gave a smile and a wave to the group.*

    Reimu= John, I still cant believe your getting yourself into these situations even after what you been through.

    John= Hi there Reimu. Sorry if I worried you. Im loads better now.

    Kaguya= John was great company.

    Kaolla= So what happened to your tengu outfit?

    Tewi= We have that in the storage where we keep all the paitence belongings.

    Kaolla= Good. I cant wait to see John back in those again.

    Reimu= And why do you insist on that for Kaolla? You know, all of this was Aya's fault for dragging him here in the first place.

    Reisen= And you say this is all of Aya's fault?

    Nyamo= It sure was. She tried to get John into taking lewd pictures of some poor fairy group.

    Shinobu= So that court meeting is.....today?

    Reimu= Yes it is.

    Kaguya= Court? You don't mean the Gensokyo court house? That's all the way in Higan. You will have to cross the great Sanzu River.

    Kaolla= A river?

    Reisen= You will have to cross it in order to get to Higan. That's where all the blood red flowers grow. And it's next door to the great lands of Hakugyokurou.

    Kaolla= We really should go there sometime today.

    Reimu= I don't think that would be a good idea.

    Shinobu= We really should stick to the plan and go to the courthouse.

    Nyamo= I agree with Shinobu, Kaolla. We shouldn't plan on becoming tourists untill we get this court thing settled and finish the festival preperations.

    Kaguya= So your doing the festival this year?

    Reimu= These 4 including the one your next to, booked up as voulenteers.

    John= Yep. I took the manager job. The assistant reporter job was forced on to me by Aya.

    Kaolla= That reminds me, where is Keine and mo..

    *Reimu lightly butted Kaolla on the shoulder with her arm.*

    Reimu= Shoosh! Not ... now.

    Shinobu (whispering to Kaolla)= Don't menson them here. Keine told us there not at good terms, remember?

    Nyamo= (whispering to Kaolla)= Let's stay quiet about that ok?

    Reisen= Anything wrong here?

    Nyamo= Oh, no. Nothing's wrong.

    *Suddenly, Eirin and Yukari arrived at the courtyard. Yukari was carrying a bag with a box inside large enough to fit a set of clothes and shoes in, and on her other hand, she ws carrying a broom, a Nimbus 2001.*

    Eirin= Ok, everyone. The bill has been payed, and John is free to go.

    Yukari= I have John's things including the tengu outfit.

    John= I see. Now I need to get changed.

    Kaguya= You can use my quarters to change. Servants! Escort John to my quarters so he can change. Take the bag Yukari is holding, those are his belongings.

    *The batch of rabbit youkai escorted John where he could change from the fancey robe to the tengu outfit he had on when he arrived. Later, John appeared and he wanted to greet Kaguya before he left.*

    John= Kaguya, thank you so much for everything. I hope you got your robe back.

    Kaguya= I would like for you to keep it. Servants! Put that robe in that bag for him. Im giving it as a gift for him. Something to remember this meeting by.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *They greeted everyone farewell and they set forward to the human village. When they arrived at the human village, there were some groups of kids crossing their path and later they found Keine greeting the kids goodbye. Yukari went to greet Keine.*

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    Yukari= Ah, Keine.

    Keine= Yukari? ....JOHN! Are you alright!?

    John= Im ok now.

    Keine= I can't believe Aya put you in danger like that. I got worried that you got hurt.

    John= Well, I did get hurt. But im ok now.

    Yukari= Keine, there's also some change of plans. I got to take John to the Gensokyo court house. Im just dropping the rest of the kids with you.

    Kaolla= Does this mean we can't go?

    Yukari= No. Sorry. The court meeting just got advanced. I'll take John with me by using my powers.

    Shinobu= I hope you will be safe ok?

    Nyamo= Good luck.

    Kaolla= Se you later John.

    Yukari= See you later. John, if you would like to hold on tight?

    *Suddenly, a eye shaped dark portal appeared behind them with bright purple eye patterns inside and Yukari pulled John right in allong with herself and vannished*

    Shinobu= What was that!?

    Nyamo= What did she just do!?

    Kaolla= COOL!

    Keine= That was Yukari Yakumo, she's a high powered youkai. And what you just whitnessed was her powers. She has the power of boundaries. She can transport herself and others to anywhere in Gensokyo. That was her portal she just took John in.

    Kaolla= We have got to try that out too!

    Keine= I wouldn't encourage her if I were you. By the way, what's that bag you got there?

    Shinobu= It's a robe John got from princess Kaguya, when she took John to her palace last night and...

    Keine= She did what!?

    Mokou= I should have known! She's gonna try to get to him.

    *Mokou appeared suddenly....*

    Nyamo= Oh, Mokou. Nice to see you.

    Shinobu= Did I say something?

    Kaolla= Kaguya took John from the clinic last night and took him to her palace.

    Mokou= OOOOGHHHH!!!! That Kaguya! How could she just take a paitent to her palace like that?

    Keine= Let's just calm down ok?

    *Suddenly, Marisa flew by to check up on the 3 girls*

    Marisa= Kaolla, Shinobu, Nyamo... were gonna need you back at the shrine later.

    Kaolla= Ok. Oh Marisa? What are those in your bag?

    Marisa= Oh, just some stuff. Things I find and sell to Rinnouske.

    Keine= Kaolla, your better off not getting involved in that.

    Kaolla= Are those swords?

    Marisa= Oh yes. There tengu made too. I was on my way to sell those. Swords aren't my thing anyway.

    Kaolla= How much do you want for those? I have a valuable vase from my old country.

    *Kaolla pulls out a Galfreyan travel bag and pulls out a huge jar (bigger than the bag) out from it, and it had an elephant on it with 3 eyes.*

    Marisa= Wow! Nice. A trade eh? Sounds fine to me. Here you go ~ Ze!

    Shinobu= You didn't have to give her that.

    Kaolla= It's ok. It holds too much memories.

    *Kaolla exchanges the huge jar for 2 tengu swords*

    Marisa= You all better head for the shrine soon. Reimu told me to remind you all. Gotta go.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Marisa took off in a flash while Kaolla headed to the Tardis to store some things, meanwhile in Higan, John and Yukari arrived at the Gensokyo court house where John and Yukari walked through the hallway and were led to a room and Yukari escorted John to a lone seat and she got John to sit down. Yukari stood next to him.*

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    Yukari= Remember John, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu is the law here. Be honest, speak when spoken, and don't say anything that might provoke her. She may be small but never underestimate her.

    John= Got it. Thanks.

    ?????= Ok, who's next in the list. A forenger human who was attaked by fairies including one iddiot ice fairy. Pleads innocent.

    *Suddenly, there was a figure above in the judge seat who wore a a dark blue, black and white dress with gold decorations with one ribbon on both sleeves and a blue and white hat with a gold emblem in front and a red and white bow on the back that are balanced equally. She had Blue eyes, green hair that is longer on the left side and she was child like but with a mature booming voice. It was none other than Shikieiki Yamaxanadu herself. She looked down and gazed downward with Yukari standing next to the lone seat where John was sitting.*

    Shikieiki= I see the tengu are taking human recrutis for their crazy reporter jobs again. Let me see....... these pictures I assume are taking by you mister?

    *John remained quiet and nodded his head "yes".*

    Yukari (whispering)= Remember to speak when spoken too.

    *John nodded his head "yes" to Yukari, yet John was absolutely nearvous and a bit scarred.*

    Shikieiki= I was expecting you to take lewd pictures but these turned out pretty decent. Unlike the tengu that occasionally go for the underskirt and dresses to get panty and bloomer shots of the poor things. I noticed you fly a broom like the black and white I see.

    John= ....Yes....I did.

    Shikieiki= And when these fairies were provoked it wasn't your fault. You were tossed in by a white wolf tengu correct?

    John= Yes..... but it was Aya who told her to .....

    Shikieiki= Right over the phone by Aya.

    Aya= Well I did have to do something while Momiji accompanied ......

    *Aya was sitting in another lone chair across the area, same level John and Yukari were on.*

    Shikieiki= Aya Shameimaru, must I remind you that YOU ARE NOT TO SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO!!?

    *Both Aya and John flinched, but Aya gave a sharp quick faint shriek.*

    Aya= uh....ehh....Yes.....Miss Shikieiki.

    Shikieiki= Now I have to let you know, YOU Miss Aya are carged for endangering a forenger. Forcing him to take a job at the Hakure shrine festival book that wasn't even on the book and...

    Aya= Reimu suggested to use my book instead and ...

    Shikieiki= SILENCE!! Do I have to keep reminding you!? Looks like I have to inform Lord Tenma about your behavior in the courtroom allong with the Eientei clinic bill your gonna end up paying to Miss Yukari Yakumo. Plus suspending your reporter license for a whole week!

    Aya= I thought the suspension was only for a day?

    Shikieiki= IT IS ONE WHOLE WEEK AS CHARGED! Are you wanting me to rather suspend it for a WHOLE MONTH!?

    *Aya stood silent with a nearvous face*

    John= Woah......

    *Shikieiki turned to John, and spoke to Yukari.*

    Shikieiki= Ok..... now to end this little session..... As part of the sentence against Aya Shameimaru, she is to become your full time partner in the festival preperations and be your little assistant for a whole week. John, your free to go.

    John= Thank you miss...

    Shikieiki= Yes, thank you. Your dismissed. Meanwhile I need to discuss other matters with...(she turns her direction to) Miss Aya Shameimaru, who needs to GO OVER SOME PAPERWORK AND NEEDS TO EXPLAIN HER ......

    *Later.... Yukari took John out of the courtroom and John walked a bit shaken...*

    John= Man, that's Shikieiki? Dispite on how cute she is, she sure is rough.

    Yukari= Im glad you didnt say that to her. You would have really had a lecture.

    John= Now im feeling sorry for Aya now. I cant imagine on whats going on with her right now.

    Yukari= Be lucky you were in the plantif chair. She loves to lecture defendents, especally when they speak out of line.

    John= Where will I be going now?

    Yukari= Well,... I say back to the shrine since you are better now.

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    *Back at the Hakurei shrine, John noticed that the people who were working on the booths and tents turned their attention to John. John dressed up as a tengu, carrying his black and silver broom and with Yukari by his side. John seemed to be glad to be back, and when they got to the shrine dorms, John crashed down on the steps and took some deep breaths of relief.*

    John= Man.... I need something....ooooh..

    Yukari= Hungry?

    John= Yeah.

    Reimu= And I see you come back. And why are you sitting arround for?

    John= Im famished. I didn't expect it to be so long. That courthous must stay busy.

    Reimu= I tell you what, you can have a snack, then your getting your a** back to work. You will be partnered with Alice since she took your place for a whole day durring your absence.

    John= Ok. Thanks.

    *Later, after John's snack, he went back to his job, as a manager and with Alice working with him, everything seemed to get done quicker from noon, till nightfall. After a long day, John was ready to crash out to bed. John settled in the dorms and was ready to fall asleep when Kaolla came in and talked to him.*

    Kaolla= John. I got a suprise for you.

    John= Kaolla, can this wait till tommorow? I need to sleep ok?

    Shinobu= John really had it rough at that courthouse ok Kaolla-chan? John needs his rest.

    Kaolla= I suppose it can wait.

    Nyamo= Let's go to bed now please? We can talk about this little suprise tommorow.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *John, Kaolla, Shinobu, and Nyamo fell asleep in the same dorm room and fell asleep. The next day, Reimu woke up John and the girls and wanted to have a word with them.*

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    Reimu= I want to talk to the 4 of you. We now have 4 more days till the festival and everything is looking good so far. We need to practice that dance we do every year.

    Shinobu= We need to dance?

    Kaolla= Sounds like fun!

    Nyamo= Is it something like the offical festival dance or something?

    Reimu= Yes. It's a specal ritual dance for this shrine's god.

    *Suddenly, a flying girl appeared and made an enterance similar to Aya except she had pigtailed brown hair tied in purple ribbons, a purple tokin, a purple and black checkered skirt, and knee socks with purple ribbons and purple geta sandals. Also she wore a white shirt with purple trims and a thin black neck ribbon. And she seemed to carry a flip top cell phone and with a smile and carefree attitude, she was also a tengu as well. It was none other than Hatate Himekaidou. Aya Shameimaru's rival and collegue.*

    Kaolla= Way cool!!

    Reimu= Oh s**t. Here we go again.

    Hatate= Helllllooooo everyone! I am Hatate Himekaidou. I run the "Kakashi Spirit News" and I have a message for a human and ....... it's you. This scroll is for you.

    *Hatate directs her attention to John. And John reads the scroll as it says.....*

    John (reading)= Attention John, this is Lord Tenma, chief of the Tengu village of youkai mountain. Although I greatly appologise for Aya Shameimaru's reckless behavior and for putting you in danger. Dispite you being human and all...... you seem to not be used to our country yet.

    Shinobu= So the Tengu lord sent an appology letter. That's real sweet.

    Hatate= Thanks. But that's not all. John.... keep reading.

    John (reading)= We also agreed to pay the fine to the Gensokyo courthouse and Eirin's clinic's medical bill charged from Aya's account since she was held responsible for the careless incident. .....however..... You are still in the registration of assistant reporter, even though it was Aya's idea and intention, the registration is still in effect. Since Aya is now suspended, you are now transfered to Hatate Himekaidou who is now your boss for your assighnment since Aya is currently suspended. Thank you for your partonage. Sighned ..... Lord Tenma.

    Nyamo= Oh man.

    Hatate= Sorry, Tengu rules still in effect, even if it was Aya's idea. I have to take John with me.

    John= Sorry guys, I got to get going.

    Reimu= Go then! Your job will be waiting this afternoon.

    Shinobu= John, please be careful ok?

    John= Don't worry. I'll be careful this time.

    Kaolla= One more thing. Here, I have a present for you.

    John= A present? Why thanks Kaolla.

    Kaolla= Concider it as a late get well present.

    *John unwraps the brown papered long satchel and a large scabbard with tengu decorations and charms and a handle. John pulled out the handle and it appeared to be a type of sword.*

    John= Where did you get this?

    Hatate= Must be from that Rinosuke. It looks like a duplicate model of an anchient sword of tengu, our tribe's treasure.

    John= Really? Yeah, thanks Kaolla.

    Hatate= Ok, time's up. I got to go and John's comming with me.

    *John mounts on his broom and with his new sword mounted on his back.*

    John= Gotta go.

    Hatate= Se you soon!

    Reimu= ...... whatever.

    *As John and Hatate left for youkai mountain, none were amused except for Kaolla. Reimu believed that the tengu are being a bit too close to their traditions of their actions of putting John in the reporter duty, even if it was Aya's fault. It looks like her suspenion will not keep John from becoming a tengu's assistant reporter. What else will be in for John? Will he be starting on a better tread, or will he be going back being forced to take lewd photos of fairies?*

    To be continued.....