• Over the past week four murders, all at the same time but different places, had taken place. All when the rain poured down and the fog rolled in.

    It’s something out of the ordinary for a boy to stumble across not just one murder but all four. I suppose I just happened to be in the wrong places at the wrong times. That’s what happens if your name is L’Diablo which literally translates as the Devil.

    The police questioned me but all I said to them was that it was a coincidence. I just happen to like walking in the rain as it cools you down and takes your mind off of everything that happens in life.

    And guess what, she struck again at exactly midnight on Sunday at the cathedral. And guess who stumbled straight into the middle of it. What lay before my very eyes was definitely a disturbing scene. The body of the priest was nailed to the very cross of the one he loved so much. His eyes were gouged out and a crown of thorns impaled into his head. This time I decided to use my common sense: anonymously alert the police of the matter and make my leave. They would never really accept the fact that one boy finding all five murders was just a coincidence.

    That very next day she struck once more so soon at that and she had the cheek to do it at midnight when I was taking my nightly stroll passed my school. I happened to stumble across the sixth murder scene and this one was big. Not only was it a sixth murder but also because the head teacher had been killed in some kind of demonic ritual: his body painted red upon a strange symbolic pentagram written in the floor with his own blood. Once more I decided to anonymously contact the police of the matter and vanished leaving no trace.

    People were giving all sorts of reasons to why this was happening but what made me laugh the most was that the church had the cheek to say it was the work of the devil himself. I suppose they might just be right but that’s only if the bird people suddenly come from the skies. What is this world coming to with these pathetic excuses to cover the truth that was clearly too hard for the pathetic creatures that dwelled on earth?

    No one knows the actual truth according to the news but here’s the thing,
    Six murders, six places, six times. And my name is L’Diablo… You work it out…
    Power is great and revenge is beautiful.