• He had strong arms, a cute confident face, and broad set shoulders. She was tall, and thin but with womanly curves, and a face that had a cold beauty, almost scary. He was the only one that could make her laugh. She was the only one that could make him nervous. He wanted her but hated her. She thought of him as entertainment, nothing more. He came from a rich family. She came from a poor one. He was an athlete. She was an athlete. Almost opposites, but not quite.

    His father hit him when he mouthed off. Horrid girls hit her when she spoke her mind. They needed comfort from someone who could understand. So they found each other. It started with insults, that were fired back and forth constantly. It turned to a joke, a competition. It became an inseparable friendship.

    One day, she fainted during her basketball game. He was there. She sat on the ground, her hands shaking. Her coach ordered her to get a drink. He went with her to the drinking fountain just outside the gym. After she straightened from her position over the fountain, he grabbed her into an embrace.

    She refused to sob. She had to much pride. Yet she was scared of what happened and didn't understand why she had fainted. He leaned down and softly pressed his lips to hers. She felt moisture in her eyes. He let her go. Tears streamed steadily down her cheeks. He whispered to her that she would be alright, and that she needed to be there for her team. She nodded and ran back to the gym.

    She had found strength in him. He had lent it to her. She returned to her game. He returned to his seat. She made basket after basket. He cheered her on. Her team won. He thought to himself, Sometimes life gives you something precious, life gave me her. My most precious treasure.