• December 25th, 1916

    13:00 aboard the CCS Alabama

    Sgt. Grant told me to get a diary yesterday, but I was too busy getting ready to be shipped out, says it’ll keep me some company after we hit the beaches. He’s a thirty-something year old guy who’s willingly serving a third tour in Europe. Seems like a good soldier in my book. I guess I’ll introduce myself…who’s going to read this though? Anyway, my name is Johnston E. Lee…like those old generals who fought so we could have our freedom. I’m twenty-three years young; my birthday is on June 12th, which is also the day we won our independence. My grandpa told me about how he was in the march to Maryland with Johnston E. Johnson, which is who I was named after, but my middle name is Edwin. I have blonde hair; the guys back home call me Blondie. They tell me that the French ladies go crazy for white guys with tall guys with blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m not interested in any prissy French ladies though, I have my lovely Matilda waiting for me back home, but everyone tells me that she ain’t any good for me. I’m from the CSoA…or as people like to call it, the Confederate States of America. It’s a pretty little country…I’m not sure that the guys who fought in the war of the states like seeing us fight alongside each other… oh well though. I’m serving with twenty-first Montgomery unit out of Alabama. They say we’re going to be seeing some heavy fighting against the Germans. I ain’t afraid of no Gerry bastards. The French ran, the Brits ran…that leaves us and the northern boys...assuming they even get into this too. Word is going ‘round that we’re going to be landing here pretty soon. I’m nervous about landing, nobody knows if the Germans are going to be waiting for us or not.