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    Its the next day, it feels like soothing is watching over me for some reason. But i had a dream. There was this dark face look down at me, he sounded like the Voice. He told me it would soon be time to get out of here. Well damn, maybe i could get out of here if the doctors didn't think i was insane. Maybe i am insane, maybe the voice isn't real. If only i could think like that, but i know the voice is real, and i know he wants me to do his bidding.

    -The door opens-

    Doctor : Come on, its time for breakfast.
    Its time for you to Escape. When he isn't looking, grab the knife in his pocket and KILL him. Then run for the door, don't worry THIS WONT FAIL!

    Its funny how he thinks i have to do it, he has control of my entire body. I walked up behind the doctor and i grabbed his knife. and within a second his blood wash gushing on the floor. Then i started to run for the door. A guard came running after me so i threw my knife back at him cutting him directly below his throat.

    i got to the door and smashed the key pad, and that opened it. I ran into the nearest car, hotwired it, and drove away.

    Don't worry T, i know were we are going.