• Zeathros

    As the sun began rising, the bridge of light appeared and so did Zeathros.
    “This is Zeathros.” Warne explained
    “Zeathros isn’t a city at all; Zeathros is a giant airship that we’ll be boarding shortly.”
    “How does it work?” I asked.
    “How does what work?”
    “Zeathros is powered by magic, and is only visible at dawn and dusk.”
    “How are we going to enter it?”
    “Not exactly entering it, we are going to sneak aboard.”
    “What! I thought Zeathros was a good place!”
    “Hey kid look, it’s not going to be easy getting to the E.H. gates. Look ahead, our ticket up!”
    Warne stepped out from the bushes we were hiding in and shot a flash of light at an oncoming hovercraft causing it to crash into a tree. Warne ran over and pull the unconscious driver out and flew it over to me.
    “Hope in!” He said as he parked the hovercraft beside me.
    “So this is going to get us into Zeathros?” I asked
    “No, this is going to get us past the first gate, my buddy is waiting for us in there. From there we will have to hurry past the security and onto the ship before it leaves.”
    I got in the hovercraft and we headed off towards Zeathros. I was amazed how fast the hovercraft could go, and the part where it didn’t have seatbelts didn’t help either.
    “Why are we not slowing down?” I asked.
    I didn’t get a reply, it looked as if Warne was having a convocation in his head or something, all I knew was the walls of the loading bay were getting closer and we were gaining speed.
    As we pass the toll gate, the alarm began ringing and the landing outpost which Zeathros was docked at went defencive.