• Morning rays of spring poured light over the small town of Westville as the chilled air left behind from the winter months nipped the noses of the Academy students gathered around to watch the battle unfolding in front of them. Their curious eyes glued as they watched in the hope of learning something from the top two students who were finally graduating, their journeys nearly ready to begin, and their minds ready to expand and learn all they could from Pokémon and from the world around them.

    The twelve year old boy stood on the far stage left side of the small battling arena at the academy, his honey brown spiked hair gleaming a dark gold in the cascading sunlight, his golden eyes lit up with the fiery passion of the battle. An arrogant smirk stretched across his feminine face. Features evenly carved in a symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing view, his tan skin smooth an untouched by any freckles, blemishes, or pimples, his nose a delicate “J” from his soft brow. He bent over holding the ball behind his back as a pitcher holds his baseball at the plate.

    Opposite from him stood a girl only a few inches shorter, also at the age of twelve, her long light ash brown hair blowing in the gentle breeze. She gave a small sniffle, the tip of her slender, delicate nose turning a light shade of cherry pink in the spring morning chill. Blinking her large purple eyes a few times, she gave a squint of determination and dedication as she prepared herself for anything. Pokémon battling was much like a game of chess, out witting and predicting your opponents’ next moves, taking everything about your Pokémon into account. She knew one thing for sure, the type of the Pokémon was a very small part of your strategy, battling was so much more than opponent choosing the better type.

    Simultaneously, the young graduates threw their Pokémon out for a battle, a final battle before they both left on their own journeys with Pokémon. From the left ball in front of the young boy, appeared a Charmander. The flame on her tail burned bright with excitement to be with her new friend, and to battle for him for the first time. She danced around waiting for an order.
    From the stage right ball came a Bulbasaur. Her red eyes bright and beautiful as she immediately sighted her opponent, eying the Charmander closely she gave a small rawr in attempts to intimidate, although, Bulbasaur only had overgrow.

    “Start!” the instructor called out as she sat down on the stands, the children all leaning into watch.

    “Bulbasaur, Growl! Lower Charmander’s attack!” the girl called as she thrust her finger towards her enemy, ‘This time… this time I will be better than you. I can beat you this time,’ she thought stubbornly.

    The Charmander shook off the disrupting growl quickly.

    “Ooo… a growl, I’m so scared,” the boy said waving his hands in the air teasingly, “Charmander, growl even louder and give it back to her!”

    “Bulbasaur, tackle now!” the girl was well versed in the strategies of battling, but with such newbie Pokemon, it was near impossible to form a strategy, she knew she’d just have to try to best she could and hope for the best.

    Charmander gave a loud growl affecting Bulbasaur’s attack power. She rushed forward in a tackle slamming into Charmander who then returned it with a scratch damaging the grass and poison type more than the tackle had damaged Charmander.

    “Give him one last growl!” the girl called in hopes to lower the enemy’s attack more.
    A deep growl rumbled form Bulbasaur’s chest.

    The boy smirked chuckling as Charmander stumbled back. He placed a long fingered, slender hand delicately on his forehead. His teasing laughter grew slightly louder grading on the girl’s nerves, every student leaning in wondering what trick the boy had up his sleeve. Even Charmander froze, breathing deeply and waiting expectantly. He spoke, “Ember.”

    The Charmander gave a determined look as she conjured up a small but weak flame from her chest, it was just enough to knock out Bulbasaur. The super effective move hit and Bulbasaur began to stumble slightly, after the scratch, Bulbasaur couldn’t take anymore. Turning to the girl, Bulbasaur seemed ashamed of herself for losing her first battle ever. The girl sighed and held out her ball, “Return.” She spoke solemnly, ‘Again…’ she thought shaking her head.

    “And that’s the end of the battle!” the instructor walked out onto the field clapping, “Good job to the both of you.” She turned to the students, “Let’s hear it from our top graduate: NV!” she called out as she pointed to the boy. He stepped forward bowing to the crowd, sucking up and loving the attention. Some girls squealed and cheered for him in love with his over-confident attitude and symmetrical beauty. He winked at a group of giddy girls. The instructor continued, “And let’s hears it for our second top graduate, Arashi!” she allowed the crowd to clap for Arashi as well as she gave an awkward and upset smile. Arashi was quite tired of always being second best despite her efforts. Once the applause died down, the instructor concluded the battle, “N.V. and Arashi are starting their journeys now, and we know we will all miss them.” She led a following of applause for each, “We will miss them. Now let’s wish them the best on their journey.” The crowd broke out again in applause.

    Arashi hung her head trying her best to give some sort of smile and appear to be happy and excited for this moment in time, however, any bit of confidence had just been beat out of her by NV beating her again. Her Eevee sat on her shoulder licking her cheek in hopes to cheer her up, and of course, the small fox Pokémon did. Eevee always had a way of making Arashi smile. She gave a giggle and lifted the Pokémon off her shoulder, snuggling her to her chin. Eevee cooed happily her fluffy brown cowlick at the top of her head between her large fox like ears tickled Arashi’s nose.

    The instructor placed her hands together over her heart and took in a gentle breath, letting it out slowly as she admired the friendship displayed between the girl and her Pokémon. She cleared her throat and spoke once more, “And let us always remember students, a positive friendship with our Pokémon is always necessary, no matter what path we choose in life. Whether we’re trainers, breeders, researchers, it’s what counts.”

    There was an unbreakable bond between Eevee and Arashi, ever since she found the poor fox in the woods when she was only an eight year old girl. She saved Eevee, and in many ways, Eevee saved her. She gave her the confidence to become a trainer to dream to be the Elite Four Champion of Kanto. Arashi knew she could reach her goal as long as Eevee was by her side.
    Glancing over the NV, she scrunched her eyebrows with a firm distaste. He had always been an unpleasant person, and from the first day they met in their Kindergarten class, the two became sworn rivals. Constantly, the two tried to best one another in everyday life and situations. Unfortunately, NV always one upped her, and despite Arashi’s efforts, she had to become satisfied with taking second. He made a face at her wrinkling up one side of his nose and rolling his golden eyes as he slid out his tongue sticking it at her in disgust. Not even NV was going to ruin her dreams.


    It was time; time to grab the bags packed from the previous night and start a journey, the journey which would take her to her wildest dreams and adventures. Opening the door to Westville Pokémon Research Laboratory, Arashi looked up at the clock, 9:00am. The sounds of the lab filled the air: cries of Pokémon, the sound of leaves blowing in the wind, and running water. The lab had its own geo-dome where injured Pokémon were found, rehabilitated, watched, and observed. A large tree in the center of the lab went upward through the ceiling and into the second floor. The elegant tree went straight through her bedroom and out the ceiling. Scientists and Pokémon Researchers walked along the lab around the dome, copying things down or sitting and typing on computers, Arashi looked around the room, her large violet eyes taking in the scene for the last time in a long time. Growing up here had definitely been a dream come true for any kid who loved Pokémon. It had given her so much and she knew she had been blessed.

    Making her way up the stairs, Arashi entered her room and climbed up into her tree house bed grabbing her backpack in her hand, she lifted her pillow. Underneath was a wooden box hand crafted by her mother. Arashi Elle Wayfarer was carved on the lid as well as a carven image of a flower. She opened the box and pulled out a picture of a black haired woman with large violet eyes and a six year old girl with light ash brown hair in pigtails and identical violet eyes, the little girl hanging onto her mother tightly. Arashi smiled at the picture of her and her mother. She placed it in her bag along with the entire box. She climbed off her bed, her purple and black backpack hanging over her shoulders. She left her room looking around for a last time. She smiled at the swing her father made for her hanging from one of the branches and she shut the door.

    “Arashi! ‘Rashi! ‘Rashi! ‘Rashi!” a pink haired little girl with a side pony tail who had been sitting at the kitchen table cried out as she watched Arashi walk into the kitchen. She dropped the spoon next to her cereal bowl and jumped up hugging onto Arashi’s waist she spoke, her head coming up to Arashi’s lips, “I’m going to miss you.”

    Arashi smiled wrapping her arms around her, “I’ll miss you, too, Tora.” She pulled away, her arms still around the nine year old girls’ small back. Her large light green eyes were bent into an expression of sadness knowing her older cousin was leaving the house to start her journey, “You’ll be on your own journey before you know it. Promise.” She winked at Tora before looking up to the other young girl who had been sitting next to Tora, a blue haired, blue eyed girl a few years her senior sat still nibbling on her bagel.

    “I’ll be joining you in a year.” The girl spoke getting to her feet.

    “Yasu,” Arashi smiled at her cousin and best friend of eleven as she hugged her close.
    Even though Arashi was older by a year, Yasu was a good three inches taller. She looked down at Arashi, “You’re going to be the best Pokémon Trainer Kanto has ever seen.” She smiled as she stepped away, “Do something for me?”

    “What’s that?” Arashi asked curiously.

    “Make sure you beat Nerd Verd so bad he cries.” Yasu smirked with a hint of evil in her eye.
    Arashi smiled as well, “I’ll do my best.” She bumped knuckles with her cousin and the three made their way down stairs.

    Shutting the door to their house, which was the entire second floor of the lab, Arashi skipped down the stairs humming a happy song, her younger cousins following behind her. At the front door, her father, manager of the Lab and Professor Oak, owner of the Lab were waiting for her. Arashi ran to her father and wrapped her arms around him, her long hair falling over one side of her face, her beanie tilting sideways. She looked up at her dad, her hair the same color as his. She smiled, “Hey, Dad.”

    “Hey, Whirlwind.” He kissed her forehead and turned to Professor Oak.

    “Morning, Professor.” Arashi smiled and bowed her head respectfully to her Father’s boss, “What brings you here?”

    “I just wanted to give you some things for the road. I heard from my grandson that your battle with the Pokémon I gave you both didn’t go well. He’s following in his cousins footsteps that’s for sure.” He chuckled a bit.

    Arashi scowled and crossed her arms looking away from Professor Oak and sticking out her lower lip in a pout at the mention of NV beating her in that battle.

    “Anyways, don’t worry. You’ll have many more chances.” He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “He’s all knowledge, you can beat him with experience and application.” He winked at her before standing up straight and handing her a belt, on the belt were clipped four Pokéballs, “I know you already have Eevee and Bulbasaur. This is for the rest of your future team.”

    Arashi uncrossed her arms and turned back toward the Professor, her bottom lip no longer sticking out. She took the belt in her arms before placing it around her waist and putting in on, “Why thank you, Professor.”

    “You’re a very capable young trainer with a promising future. I am happy to help.” He smiled, “And one more thing.” He reached into his pocket pulling out a red rectangular electronic device, “And this is your Pokédex.” He placed it carefully in her black fingerless gloved hands.
    “Thank you.” Arashi smiled brightly as she turned over the device in her hand.
    “Wee?” Eevee cooed as she stood on Arashi’s shoulder.

    Arashi opened the device and turned it on before pointing it to Eevee on her shoulder. The device beeped before chiming loudly in an electronic voice:

    “Eevee! The Evolution Pokémon. Its genetic code is irregular. It may mutate if it is exposed to radiation from element STONEs.”

    “Cool.” Arashi spoke as she shut the Pokédex and looked up to Professor Oak.
    “That’s all for now.” Professor Oak placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned down to be closer to her height, “Good luck on your journey.”

    Arashi nodded as she opened the door the Lab and to her home. She stepped outside the boundary as the morning sun poured upon her. Her hair seemed to glow as it reflected the sunlight. She turned to look at her family again: Her father, her cousins, Professor Oak. Grinning she spoke, “Calm down. It’s only a year.” She shifted her back pack on her back and then took off out of the small town waving to shopkeepers and neighbors.

    Finally, Arashi made it to the age of Westville as she faced east. In front of her grew tall grass. She smiled and snuggled Eevee in her arms, “Ready for this, girl?”
    “Weet wee!” Eevee wagged her tail happily.

    “Me too… I’ve been waiting for twelve years.” She let Eevee down and the two hurried off at a sprint toward Route 26, once out of town they took an immediate left to head north. They were on the road to Viridian City.