• Bloody Rose #1 Resurrection

    During the investigation of the rumors of the murdering Angel, it was a success in the investigation, the angel was finally dead as Dan did not survive, his funeral was now in a an abandoned church as his appearance as the Princess Rose……

    In the church as Dan lays on the flowers he still wears a maiden dress, he holds a rose in his hands as his eyes are still closed

    Suddenly his eye started to shake a bit but then he finally awakened

    Dan: ahh…. Am i… alive?

    He looked down and saw that he was holding a rose

    Dan: a rose?

    He putted in his pocket and walked for a bit

    Dan: my wound… its healed?

    He opened the churches door and walked outside

    Dan: I guess I’m still in America eh…? Damn..

    He was a badly injured and started walking slowly outside in his maiden dress

    Dan: I wonder if that Angel is really dead… well there’s still more Angels at heaven anyway… i need to get back to Australia but how?

    Suddenly he saw a bank robbery, Dan ran there to help

    Man: alright give me all of your money!

    Old Man: sorry, but I’m almost out of business sir…

    Man: DON’T ******** AROUND WITH ME!

    Dan: hey you1

    Man: huh?!

    Dan: just what the hell are you doing? Robbering this place huh? *sigh* you must be one poor guy…

    He ran up to him and did a tae kwon do axe kick at his skull
    Old man: oh wow! Thanks kid!

    Dan: no problem!

    Old man: is there anything that I could repay your debt?

    Dan: nah I think its alright…

    Old man: here take whatever you like

    Dan: you sure? Well okay then! Time to dig in!

    Dan took some food and went off as he thanked the man

    But suddenly someone was spying on him

    Target, Dan Thanh Nguyen, Student of Liverpool Boys High School, hobbies, dressing as a girl, drawing, English and Goths. Problems, Anger…..

    Dan: man I need a place to stay!

    At the night as Dan kept walking he saw that his red rose started to glow a bit

    Dan: what the hell?

    He was curious about it and placed it in his pocket

    Suddenly a shot fired at Dan as he dodged

    Dan: whose there?!

    Man: damn….

    He ran off

    Dan: who was he….? No matter.. I’m gonna get some sleep

    But then the night changed

    Dan: huh?

    The moon started to shine as wolves came by

    Dan: what the hell is going on now?

    Wolf: Princess. Rosé…
    Dan: oh no not that again….

    Ghouls: gahh….

    Dan: s**t!

    He started running for his life as they chased him

    Dan: come on!

    He ran as fast as he can as he turned right and left but they still chased him, he ran and ran as he got to a building

    Dan: AHH!!!!!

    He turned and kicked the Ghoul at the wolf and kicked the over as he did an axe kick and a side kick

    Dan: come on! Whose next!

    Wolf: I’ll take this dance!

    Dan: then lets dance!

    Dan did his moves as he kicked him in the rib and jumped up as he tripped him over and elbowed his face

    Dan: that’s six down!

    They all backed away

    Dan: well?

    Suddenly a huge wolf came

    Dan: hm? A pole?

    He picked up a pole

    Dan: say hello there my little friend.. heh…

    He came runnig up to him and jumped up as he threw it through his face

    Dan started moving his body as if he was dancing

    Dan: this fights just too easy!

    She placed two fingers at his head and pretends he shot himself and pointed at the wolf

    Dan: bang!

    They all ran away

    Hm… clever..

    Dan: what the-

    Don’t be afraid.. I am part of you…

    Dan: are you.. the princess?

    Rose: yes it is me… Princess. Rosé…

    Dan: hm.. so I guess I have to act royal to you huh? What do you wish me to do?

    Rose: oh nothing much really… I need you to become my servant….

    Dan: servant? Hm.. I have nothing against that, after all you are the princess aren’t you?

    Rose: yes… I feel really bored, I feel like killing more of those wolves, but I am amused that you managed to hold them off all by yourself

    Dan: heh….

    Rose: in fact, you’re the not only one who has a princess who is part of your soul

    Dan: oh really? Who is it?

    Rose: I can’t say

    Dan: *sigh*

    Rose: rest for a bit Dan… I feel that in some time someone will help us

    Dan: well if you say so, malady…..

    Dan sat down and closed his eyes and rest

    The next morning he found himself in some white room

    Dan; ah! What the hell?! Wait! Am I in Motosuwa mansion?!

    Died: ah… Dan…

    Dan: Died? Is that you?!

    Died: yes it’s me…

    Dan: I’m glad to see you

    Died: I’m glad to see you too Dan, but I’m sorry….

    Dan: what do you mean?

    She fired a gun at Dan

    Dan: ah! Died….? Ahh…..

    He coughed out blood again as the blood started gashing out on the bed

    Died: I’m sorry… Dan Nguyen….

    A few hours later he woke up

    Dan: ahh… what happened?

    You were shot Dan..

    Dan: Rose?

    Rose: hm…

    Dan: let me guess I’m inside of my body with mind and soul?

    Rose: correct…

    Dan: and let I’m on the ground with a bunch of Roses talking to you huh? Heh…

    Rose: Dan no matter what, always survive with all your best

    Dan: survive?

    Rose: live on, as I am part of your soul, you are my host…. And you are my servant…

    Dan: got it….

    Dan finally woken up for real this time

    Motosuwa: I see you woke up

    Dan: Yuiji Motosuwa, we meet again…

    Motosuwa: hm….

    Dan: tell me, why in the hell would you get Died to shoot me?

    Motosuwa: to maintain the princess of course

    Dan: I already maintained it, besides I’m her maid now so what are you on about?

    Motosuwa: we need its soul

    Dan: I don’t think so…

    Motosuwa: then would you prepare death then?

    Dan: heh…. Like hell I would….

    Dan was electro shocked with full blast

    Dan: AHH!!!!!!

    Motosuwa: well?

    Dan: screw you….


    Motosuwa: I’m not a very patient man Dan…

    Dan: heh… and I’m not a very nice guy… or should I say… girl….

    His eyes turn red like a rose and got loose

    Rose: I’ve finally been awakened!

    Motosuwa: heh…

    He threw a card at her as she catches it

    Rose: whats this? A poker card?

    Motsouwa: hm…


    Motosuwa: ….

    Rose: got you!

    She had a knife in her sleeve and scratched Motosuwa as he dodged her


    Dan: AS YOU WISH M’LADY!!!!!

    He stabbed him through as deep as he goes

    Dan: stupid b*****d!

    Died: that’s not the real Motosuwa…

    Dan: Died?

    Died: that was only a clone

    Dan: a clone?

    Died: yes, the real Motosuwa is out there… here’s a plane, you should know how to fly one

    Dan: no I don’t but I’ll figure a way…..

    Died: then farewell….

    Dan: yeah…..

    Meanwhile at some other mansion

    Maid: hm….

    Princess part soul: BJ why do you intend to find Dan?

    BJ: his my friend that’s why, even so he has a princess in him anyways, after all, we’re both maids isn’t that right… Princess.Popolia…

    His eyes glowed in purple

    To be continued

    Next Chapter: #2 Friends