• I too have walked the path of revenge. It is a long hard road and it enslaves you until the hunger for it is all you know. And nothing will slake the ravenous appetite you hold except for the poisonous vengeance that you struggle towards. At best you will remain forever a slave to your retribution and will spend the rest of your life crawling towards it, clawing towards something you will never reach. At worst you will actually achieve it. When you claim what you have sought it tastes heavenly sweet upon your tongue and you will feel that there is nothing more delicious. And it is all for the briefest moment. Then it turns to ash in your mouth and you are struck with the realization that you have wasted your life fighting desperately towards something that did not and will never bring you satisfaction. And you are filled with just as much rage and hatred but with no goal to work towards. Revenge is the sweetest poison in existence and it destroys not only you but all of those around you. Don’t make the same mistake as me, for once you walk the path of revenge, you can walk no other.

    ((This is a speech that one of my characters is going to make in my book. Its still in the early stages considering I don't know what's going to happen that will cause this speech to be spoken. XD Anyway, tell me what you think. ))