• It was cold, so cold your body might feel as though it was already departed with the corpses of your ancestors....and I remember seeing those eyes, the eyes that pierced through me...

    Across a wooden floor of my childhood playground, covered in the same blood that run through my veins, stood a man with shining red hair that burned like the flames that were engulfing my surroundings, he stood with tears falling and whispered to me, " I had no choice..". " why did you do this?!," I screamed cradling my little sister who had passed on due to the wound on her side. " Kyo-" before he could say anything to me I grabbed up the sword that lay by my father and rushed at him, " Don't you dare let your tongue touch my name!!", he closed his eyes letting my screams rush at him. The flames heat gathered closer and with all my strength I swiped the sword only to lose my sight as an overwhelming darkness took hold, and when I came to...everything was gone and so was my home, my family...and, my true love....only the cold...the cold and the pouring rain seeping through me remained....

    Chapter One: Taiga

    It was fifteen years ago when the Kanagawa family introduced me to a small boy with shining red hair, he looked like a little girl , there was only one thing that I was afraid of ... his lonely emerald eyes. " My name is Kyoko", I said looking at him firmly. " Taiga." he said with only a small breath. " Lets be friends," I held out my hand expecting him to take it , instead he turned around and walked off, '' THAT's RUDE!" I ran up behind him and smacked his head. That resulted in us getting into our first fight, and a firm scolding. " Its your fault stupid crow." I wasn't going to take that, " I'll show you crow! " , I grabbed his hair and pulled him on the ground sitting on him and hitting him with my fists until grandfather came outside and scolded us again. " crow." "idiot" we kept calling each other names until the Kanagawa's decided it was time to leave. I hoped and hoped I wouldn't see that boy again.

    One week later it was raining, and I played in some puddles near the woods. Grandfather didn't like me playing near the old shed but I was being rebellious and wanted to do something daring, today the old shed was open and not closed up. I walked up slowly only to hear a small voice, a sound like crying. " Hello?", I walked in expecting a ghost only to find a shadow hunched in the corner. " Are you ok?" " LEAVE ME ALONE!", instantly I knew it was Taiga. " why are you crying...?", " I said to leave me alone are you deaf?!," He turned to face me. " his face was swollen on one side and his hands were bruised and cut. " Taiga what happened?" " I don't have to tell you!" , Taiga ran out of the shed and into the forest. I wanted to chase him but instead I stood in the rain watching him fade. I returned to the shed every night hoping that taiga would come back and
    one night taiga was at the shed again , I brought him some food and sat with him in silence. " You want to know don't you.." he said with a whisper. I nodded and he took a breath. " This is all to protect you!" , his face was flushed red and he hugged his knees. I was confused and I looked at him tilting my head. "For Me?" Taiga nodded. "why?" he sat up and looked at me with the most shocked look a 6 year old could have. "What do you mean why?!" "Like I said , Why." he shook his head and whispered something. " Do you know why my parents brought me here to see you?" I looked at him and without thinking said, " To make us get along like brother and sister." he poked my head and crossed his arms. " They want us to get married!" his ears were so red and his cheeks bright pink. " MARRIED?!" I was shocked. " I have to learn how to fight so i can protect you, thats what my father said. " I smiled to the thought of having someone protect me so I leaned over and kissed his cheek. " yuck!" he touched his cheek, I remember laughing with taiga until the sun went down, its a childhood memory I cherish.

    Taiga and I soon became young adults as the years went by , my grandfather was thrilled to
    know Taiga and I wanted to be married in the spring of my 21st year. Taiga had been practicing his sword technique for years and this time I was ready for him. " Okay so you think you are ready for this?" he said smugly at me. " Am I ever", it had been weeks since the last time he spanked me with the flat of his sword. " Ok here I go." I was determined to give him a taste of his own medicine. " Take this! " I rushed at him only to be tapped on the head by the blade. " HA! is that all seriously?" he came at me again and instead of using his blade he dropped it and picked me up making me drop mine and he kissed my lips making me laugh. " cheater." , I teased. " What its part of the basics." " yeah the basics of cheating," I rubbed my nose with his and kissed his lips again. " want to practice again?" "No lets go eat lunch." when it came to lunch his stomach was always ready.

    After that evening Taiga went home and for some reason he didnt come back for 3 months. "Grandfather, its been 3 months why hasn't taiga come back?" I ask worriedly. " He must be trainning again, don't worry he wouldn't forget his fiancee." grandfather had calmed me enough but something was still bothering me. Soon my birthday came. And When The first spring rain fell on my 21st birthday, everything was ....taken.

    So cold", a girl with dark hair and blue eyes looks up at a burnt wooden habitation. Shivering she stands up and walks up to the ruins, cradling herself as the wind blows by her. She reaches out and touches a small hand that lays poking out from under debris. Closing her eyes she lets tears touch her face while shouting , while screaming at the sky.

    The Wind gently pushes the tall grass and in the wind blows jet black hair ,dark like the shadows cast from the trees and clouds that hover above the earth. In the whistles from the far cries of the birds you can hear the words. " My name is kyoko. And I am looking for something that no one can help me carry
    no one can comfort me from, and no one can follow me...I am looking for , I am following, Revenge...my only Love." -to be continued-