I definitely heard it that time. A clicking noise like a toy being wound up, but that's impossible. Wait. I'd recently learned that magic is real and books can get angry and fly at you if you're not careful. Walking toys in a toymaker's shop? Sure, why not? It wouldn't be the craziest thing I'd seen in the past few weeks.
    I turned toward the noise as fast as possible, but the corridor was empty. They move pretty quick for wooden toys. I continued investigating the dark store and attempted to ignore the obvious sounds coming from all around me. I was in the middle of turning down another passageway when I heard the echoing sound of small, marching feet. I took a peek down the hallway I'd just traversed, not expecting anything, but instead found myself staring at a miniature army of toy soldiers. Every gun was pointed at my head.
    "You've gotta be-" I began to complain, but they didn't wish to listen.
    I ducked just in time as several pebble sized bullets soared over me and lodged themselves in the adjacent wall, puncturing it full of tiny holes. I gulped and darted for the other hallway before they could shoot again. I ran full sprint and searched for an exit anywhere I could. A single door to my right caught my eye and I lurched for the handle.
    The soldiers were standing down the hallway already. The one at the front raised his wooden arm straight in the air and I felt like a clock was ticking away my life somewhere.
    I gripped the door handle tightly and began yanking on it, but just my luck, it was locked. I continued to pull vigorously as I saw the toy captain's arm lower in the corner of my eye.
    Yes! I managed to break the lock and swing the door open just as the volley of tiny pellets struck, leaving several dents in the wood as I used the door as a shield. I looked at the damage and whistled in disbelief.
    "Nasty toys, aren't you?"
    The soldiers cocked their mini- muskets at me once again and I quickly rushed into the room and slammed the door behind me. I breathed a slight sigh of relief and laughed to myself and my bad luck.
    "I'm being chased by little toys now?" I joked. "What's next?"
    I should've never asked that question.

    To Be Continued...