• I was tired, and there was so much noise everywhere. I was sitting down on a log and was staring into the blazing bonfire ahead of me. A noise was coming from the left, so I turned around and knocked over several beer bottles that were in my way. "Hey Skyler, are you ok? Do you need me to drive you home?", asked a jock from school. I could barley even see his long blonde hair that he was famous for, other than that he was just a big blur. How many drinks did I have? "Noooo......I..I'm perfffect, seee?" I replied in a slurred voice. As if to prove I was fine, I tried to get up, and well, to fast I guess. For the next thing I knew, my face was in the cold ruff sand. Then I blacked out.
    When I woke up I felt a strong arm wrap itself around my waist and it pulled me into a sitting position by the oceans waves. My eyes hurt, and I didn't want to open them until I heard a very deep and luring voice whisper," Open your eyes, everything will be fine." I felt so compelled to open my eyes, even knowing that it would hurt, and it did, bad. In the end it was worth it, I opened my eyes to find the most amazing pair of eyes inches from my face. The only was to describe his eyes was they were like the moon. Actually I was almost sure that that's what they were at first. Don't even get me started about his hair though, it was such a deep black that when he moved around I swear I saw purple in it. Also it was the just the right length it was shaggy and slightly layered. I suddenly had a huge urge to run my hands through it, and mess it up. He caught me staring at him and a smirk showed up on his perfect face."Staring is very rude, you know.", he playfully scolded me. I felt my face getting hot, and hoped that it was dark enough outside to cover my blush, but knowing myself I probably got no such luck. I tried to move, but a searing pain shot up my right arm, and I winced in pain."Are you ok? What's your name?", this mysterious guy asked, his voice filling with concern. "It's nothing, just my right arm hurts, and my name is Skyler, Skyler Bloom." I said as another pain passed through my arm. I sat up a little bit, my brown hair fell into my face. With one hand, he moved my hair out of my face. Sending butterflies fluttering in my stomach. "Lets take a look at your arm hmm?", he questioned with a devilish glint in his eyes. "O..k", I stumbled as he pushed up my stripped sleeve. Then I looked down at my bear arm and let out a scream. Which was quickly covered with his muscular hand. On my arm were weird markings running up my arm, they were engraved into my skin and instead of blood, a purple liquid flowed from my markings and evaporated before it touched the sand below us.
    "You are the first in a long time, we have been waiting for you", he said. "What?" I mouthed, because I was to shocked to say anything. He looked at my like I was his dream come true. Then he said something that changed my life forever. " Sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Shane. I am an Andraste, or a demon hunter, and you my dear have just become one too."
    That was the second time I blacked out that day.