• resting with her elbows on the edge of the window sill, she took another drag of her cigarette and listened to the soft sounds of her neighbors wind chimes. A familiar sound, those wind chimes had been around ever since she could remember. Those same woooden wind chimes whos sound filled the dark when night time seemed so lonely. It was her favourite time of year- late june and lately, it never seemed to rain; she loved the sun....And... she was miserable. Lately, nothing seemed to be going right. Financially, she was only 19, but she was in trouble. She had an eating disorder that had controled her body and stolen her mind. She lived in a home in which she couldnt escape and messages were often mixed. Did they want her there? Or did they only want someone to control? she ashed her cigarette and started to change into her pajamas for bed. It was 1:30am. She took a glimpse in the mirror but something strange about her reflection caught her off guard. She watched herself in the mirror.
    "my eyes". she thought.
    something about her stare was strange. She moved her arm and watched her relfection. She was convinced something was different.
    the wind chimes outside her neighbors porch got louder, and her window fell shut. It startled the girl and when she turned around to see what had happened, her reflection did not.
    "what is this?" she said as she backed into a wall.
    her reflection motioned her hand to come with her.
    "no."... "you're not me, no way."
    Was this evil?"
    no... it couldnt be. It was sudden. The feeling of peace.
    She trusted her relfection. Her intuition told her everything was going to be o.k.
    She walked up to the mirror and her reflection held out her hand.
    The girl reached into the mirror.
    She'd found the border between this world and the other. Her relfection pulled her in the mirror.
    what she saw was indescribable. She'd found paradise.
    "its all over now." she whispered to herself. "I'm safe.".
    she became more in tune and satisfied with her body.
    the sky radiated with brilliant energy. "I'm home".
    there was a field of sunflowers and painted bottles hung from trees. Inside the bottles weere little folded letters with evrey wish the girl had ever made written in scripted ink. The roots of the trees were large and a bit up-rooted from the ground and a long cobble stone path covered in soft moss led from the trees into the field of sunflowers.
    her relfection never spoke but again, motioned with her hands to follow her down the path.
    The girl knew she'd never go back to her previous life.
    "Its time to leave it all behind". she said.She followed the reflection into the field.
    It was the path to freedom.
    and so it was. she lived in peace, leaving only a shell behind.