• Whence amidst a cold night,

    while the skies ran a dark maroon,

    I saw a wonderful sight,

    silhouetted against the moon,

    She was though a dream,

    from the eternal night sky,

    She was dark for an angel,

    but her lips carried no lie,

    A beautiful kind of dark was she,

    wearing shades of majestic raven.

    Her eyes were a cascading lullaby,

    and her arms were the safest haven.

    How I felt so alive whence she gazed upon me,

    could only be described as the greatest thrill,

    How her hair danced so exotic in the wind,

    only compared by how her voice gave me a chill,

    Her soul was carried upon silken wings,

    and oh how amazing was each feather.

    There with the most beautiful heart,

    not a sight in the world could be better.

    Even her very presence was of pure magic,

    for it cleared the foggy miasma of hatred.

    She calmed the loudest, wildest cacophony

    With subtle words that sounded almost sacred

    I must have been blessed by the goodest of fortunes,

    to even see these so heavenly things,

    for only never or once in your life do you meet,

    the one who calms your heart's stings.

    Was she a dream? Was she a saint?

    Was she the very daughter of the lovely Aphrodite?

    Or perhaps she is merely a human as I,

    and I saw her as something supernatural, slightly.

    Whatever the case may have been,

    I loved each day I remembered her face.

    Maybe now all in life is well,

    perhaps now I can finally die with grace.

    It was not an angel by definition,

    but something greater by far.

    From on higher than heaven's furthest reach,

    she was a goddess of the star.