• A short black haired girl sits up in the highest tree in the park.
    Everybody is always seeing her up there,they only know that her name is Rain. Every day she climbs up there and reads or just stalks people that walk by. Some people believe she is depressed the grownups try and get her to at least talk to them but not a word passes from her lips all she does is silently look down at them and smile as if she knows something they don't. The whole park just calls her smiley.
    2 Days go by she walks to the park and sits up in the tree 3 hours pass and a boy looks up in the tree ''Hello hey why are you always up there you seem really lonely''
    She looks down at him and smiles sweetly.
    He looks up and begins to talk to her
    '' My name is blare can i come up there with you? ''
    Rain looks down at him and signals for him to come up

    Blare climbs up in the tree and sits right across from her on the branch that she sits on.
    he smiles and continues to talk.
    '' So what's your name''
    Rain just smiles

    Why do you think all Rain does is smile?
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