• A chill runs down my spine. The sound of the gun going off surprises me. All I can see is blood; all I can hear is ringing, constant ringing. I feel nothing. Blood pours from my wounds. Life. Slows. If I could see my body outside of me, I’d see… I’m dead, Oh my God, I’m dead. I can’t hear, I can’t see. I feel nothing. Why can’t I scream? I’m on the floor. I’m alive? I’m out.

    Someone grabs my arm. I’m awake. I can see a mouth moving and I feel pain in my throat. I can’t hear her. It was a dream, I was only asleep. My ears stop ringing, I can hear a scream. Who’s screaming? I shut my mouth and the screaming ceases. Was that me?

    “Open your eyes!” The woman in front of me yells, “Open your eyes!”

    My eyes shoot open. White skirt with an odd red patch on it. What a strange design. She kneels in front of me. She presses on my side with some type of cloth. I come to, and scream in agony. I look down to see red. So much red. I’m out.

    I began with a cry…I’m shall leave the way I entered. I scream into nothingness , then see my bare side. The screaming continues as more blood pours from my skin. I didn’t feel it until I saw the wound. I keep screaming until my voice is lost and my breathing taken. My eyes are closed and I leave the body that holds me to the Earth. The last sound before my ultimate silence… “Don’t go.”