• As his heart and memories shattered into pieces, he gazed upon the deep space of wonders, and slowly until the very end before his eyes gently closed for eternal in silence and darkness… He searched for his distant lover.

    Warm drops of tears fell from his cheeks then to the fresh grass beneath his ears.
    After his final gazed upon the space, he smiled and parted his lips a bit. Came words in a faltering silence. Almost no sound but a weak blew of air.

    “I… finally…found…you...---.”

    At the end of his frail voice, is a paused… of an eternity.

    Silently she stared in silence.
    He’s gone. He’s gone.
    He’ll never wake again.
    Never again. Never…
    I’ll never see his smile again.
    I’ll never again feel the warmth of his hands.
    I’ll never again… Never!
    Silently despised the fast beating of her heart in pain, she cried. For the first time, she felt a part of her broke into pieces.

    “Why?!” She shouted. “Why..? Why?! I… I just want to be happy…”
    Again and again she desperately asked for answers and reason.
    Like a glass shattered into pieces, she desperately tried to pick them up even though it useless... She longed for him.

    “Deep the Forest of Witches.
    Cursed by Hatred.
    Love is the Potion.
    Promise shall be broken.
    Thy heart shall be freed.”
    I once asked the highest of the rest. I want to be free. But if this is freedom…
    I’ll rather be sealed for eternity.
    Eternity... Just like him...