• In a darkened room, i lie in my bed staring up at the ceiling trying to get to sleep. I have posters on the walls that have scary creatures on them that glow in the dark, tonight they were not glowing at all. The light of a full moon shone in through my open window.

    My eyes keep opening every time i close them, I look around my dark room one last time before drifting off into sleep. When i fall asleep, interesting things start to happen, the creatures on my posters come to life. They chase me and torment me, i stay away from them to live. Its like the whole "Freddy Kruger" thing. I fear that if you die in your sleep, violently enough, that it could kill you outside of your dreams.

    Im standing in total darkness, looking around and a light sound of the creatures are far away from me. I start to search for the door, because there's always a door right? i feel around for it, no door, i feel my way around the room, i touch the cold door knob. "Why is it so cold? Its not that cold in here.." I whispered. I slowly turn the knob somewhat expecting to see something cool but nothing, it was a bright, empty white room. I hear the creatures coming towards me but i fear if i step into the room, worse things would happen. But like in any other dream, curiosity takes over, i walk in and shut the door behind me.

    I look around the white room, theirs nothing to be seen so i walk further into it, the lights in the room flicker and i hear something, something coming from the darkness. I go to the farthest wall so that what ever was there would have to come further to get me. The door opened wide, a gruesome looking thing walked in. It was terribly ugly its body looked frail and weak, but i know it is not what it appears. Its eyes were small and low in its face, its ears were pointing upward, like an elf. It had long claws that looked like it had a purpose for scratching the life out of people. It had long, sharp fangs that poked out of its mouth. I did not move as i stared at it, it stared right back at me.

    It starts to move towards me at first, approaching me cautiously. I look around with my eyes to see for a way out, there is no way out. The door suddenly slams shut, and you can hear the door click, the door was locked. I was trapped with this vile creature. It stabbed its claws into the ground and as it came closer its claws tore through the ground as if it were weaker than paper, it intimidated me but i showed no fear. Everyone knows that they get pleasure from fear. That is why i took a step forward, to show that i was not afraid and i said to it "Im not afraid of you, try to kill me and ill kill you. you can't do anything!" at that the creature leaped at me, screaming, a louder screech than a banshee I got out of the way but after it landed it jumped at me again, tackling me to the ground. I could smell its foul breath from how close it was, it had me pinned, its claws were dug into both sides near me, they were so close to piercing my skin. It screeched at me again and tried to bite me, i used my feet and started to kick at it. It would not move but a bit, i gave my hardest kick, kicked as hard as i possibly could have and the creature went flying and hit the wall opposite of me.

    This was the enemy in my nightmares tonight, he would be tormenting me until i wake up or until i die here. A door appears behind me, of course i go through it, I'm not staying in a room with that thing! I'm walking into an open place, there are trees and bushes. I assume that it is a forest. Something is familiar to me here, i recognize it from somewhere in my life. I start walking through the forest, its silent there, deadly silent. I continue walking for a long time when i start to approach a house. It was three stories up and looked old and haunted. I went to it anyways, i looked up and at first, i thought i was crazy, i saw a ominous shadow cross the third floor in the left window.

    I get to the house and open the door, it opens right up. "Why is it not locked?" I ignored my own question and walked right into the house shutting the door behind me. I curiously looked around the house, first the bottom floor, second floor and finally, i reached the third floor. First, i try to open the door on the right, but of course its locked! I'm not supposed to go to the right door. I stood in front of the left door, already knowing that its going to be unlocked. I turn the knob and just as i suspected, it was unlocked. The door opened with a creak and i peered in.

    It was dark in there, really dark. On the walls there were paintings of birds all flying gracefully. The walls gave a wired sense of peace. Although, i felt no peace there at all, instead i knew that something bad was going to happen sooner or later. I stepped into the room and a loud crunch sound was beneath my feet, i looked under my foot and there were old bird bones. I switched on the light and it turned on dimly. There were bird bones scattered everywhere across the entire floor, there were old blood splatters and bloody feathers. What could have done such a horrible thing to these poor beautiful creatures!? I look at the walls and their no longer peaceful looking, they looked tormented, I stepped in further trying not to damage the bones but i still heard the crunch of the bones beneath my feet. The birds on the walls began to leak a red liquid, as soon as i had seen it, I knew that it was blood.

    I watched it drip from the walls onto the floor, the birds looked even more tormented now. The door does not close like it usually does. I feel uneasy, i look at the window and its wide open. I walk to it, ignoring the painful sound of the bones, ignoring the blood that leaks more and that was starting to drip from the ceiling. Once i get to the window, a bit of blood drips onto my face, i turn around and there, of course, is the creature again. This time, it looks scarier, It looks angry, it rushes at me and I'm not quick enough. It drives its claws deep into my chest. I yelled as it had gone out my back, i stare at the creature one last time and it throws me out of the window, letting me fall to my death, the last thing i hear is the splat of my body and my bones breaking. I jump awake, i cant breath, I feel the pain of the fall outside of my dream. I look around my room, and the creature is there, staring at me, waiting for me to move..