• Payne

    "Girls! Your going to be late!"

    "Coming mom!" I screamed back as I grabbed my bag.

    I ran downstairs and stopped at my sister's room. I looked in and saw her drawing.

    "C'mon, lets go." I said to her.

    Isis looked up at me and nodded. As she packed her bag, I noticed her drawing. It was a picture of her crying. But instead of blue the tears were black. I looked at her in confusion. If she was crying, why wouldn't the tears be blue or yellow?

    "Girls! Lets go!" Mom screamed.

    I snapped back to reality and shook me head, "Your confusing Is."

    Isis just looked at me with emotionless eyes like always. I wish she could talk. It would make life so much easier.

    I did a last mirror check before running outside. Perfect. My black hair was still straight with my green highlights still bright. My favorite green shirt with black skinny jeans. I smiled and ran outside.

    Isis was sitting at the end of the driveway like always. I took my spot beside her, opened my backpack and started my search for my eyeliner. Our parents never allowed us to wear make-up. Even now that I'm in grade 11.

    I motioned it to Isis, "Want some?"

    Isis shook her head and kept drawing. I sighed and pulled out my make-up mirror.

    I finished my eyes just as the bus came around the corner. I shoved my things back into my bag and stood up. I tapped on Isis' head and pointed at the bus. she looked at it and stood up. Sometimes, I wonder what goes on the her head.

    When the doors to the bus opened, my best friend, Lily, was standing on the stairs.

    "Move b***h." I laughed as Lily smiled at me.

    "I have so much to tell you," She said, grabbing my hand and pulling me on the bus, "There's been so many rumors floating around, you wouldn't believe some of them."

    Out of all my friends, Lily is the one who I consider as a sister. More like a sister than Isis.

    "So I heard that Josh went to Cody's and did stuff with his mom," Lily said with big and excited eyes, "I don't know if it's true but if it is, its going to be so awkward there."

    "Why would it be? All we do is either don't go there or don't invite Josh." I replied.

    Lily looked at me in annoyance, "We can't have a party without Josh!"

    "Then we won't go to Cody's." I said, hoping this would be over soon.

    "Ya, but Cody's is where the party is planned!" She said.

    I sighed and shook my head, "It's not even up to us, it's up to Cody."

    Lily thought about it for a moment and replied, "That is true. I guess your right."

    I looked out the window as Lily went on with rumors after rumors.

    "Then he said that you were pretty cute-"

    I snapped my head and looked at her, "Whoa! Wait! Who said that!?" I asked.

    "Um, Brad Cross? Weren't you listening?" She cocked her head sideways.

    "Oh um, yeah, I was listening. I just wanted to make sure I heard it right." I replied.

    Brad Cross and I used to be friends. We would laugh, cry and hangout together all the time. Until he started to change and act like a total b***h.

    "Why would he say that?" I laughed.

    "Maybe he likes you." Lily said teasingly as she poked my side.

    I mumbled and looked back outside, "No way in hell."

    The bus stopped in front of the school and let us off. I stepped onto the sidewalk and looked at Valley High Secondary School. The school where all the bitches and sluts go.

    "You coming?" Lily yelled at me.

    I nodded my head and ran after her.