• Yes, the image of the white pegasus...

    Interesting isn't it? So majestic and full of beauty. Full of everything wanted in something so precious and lovely. It indeed is clear that the pegasus has everything you'd ever want in something so beautiful. As its' wings flap in the wind, it goes away.

    It comes back though, with more. More and more pegasus's. All different colors. Like the colors of a beautiful image of a flowerful field. They all come close to you. They are gentle. So very gentle. You come to realize they are harmless. They are precious, and they are so alluring. But one in particular, you name Rose. Rose is red, with a pink horn and black wings. The shyest one. The one in the back... yes. That one right there... the one that looks down upon itself. As you see it, it makes a gesture of interest in you, and comes towards you, but very slow. Rose doesn't look too happy, though. Rose seems to be sad. You wonder why. You ask it why, as if Rose will answer you. Rose just makes a noise, and a small tear in the pegasus's eye falls onto your arm while you pet it. You make a sorrowful sigh in sadness, as to match the feeling of the pegasus. The eyes of Rose stare into your soul, and you come to realize Rose is full of sadness, and a discontinuos life still lurking the world of question and wonderance of the world. You talk to it, in an angelic voice, so she may understand you. She replys with more tears. Realizing this pegasus has been emotionally hurt by the others, you wonder why. What is so wrong about this one? Is it because Rose is three different colors? You ask her that. She nods yes. You tell her why it's okay to be different. Being different is not a bad thing. You were born this way, nothing wrong with it. But the pegasus turns its head away from you, as if not believing you. You follow the pegasus's head, and look into its eyes. You say.. "Its okay to be different." The pegasus looks at you and makes a gleeful smile.

    You made Rose feel better. Rose now wonders off, into the crowd, proud to be her.