• When Declan started the long walk home, all he could think about was second chances. He had just come back from school. Declan stopped. He thought he could feel the sunshine on his arms. He could almost see her smile. He imagined what it would be like to have her smile like that at him instead of at Josh Molligan. Her boyfriend. Damn high school is hard. He thought when he walked home. He loved her. He knew of her. He knew everything about her. He knew that she could create and destroy with just a flick of her wrist. She was magic. She was a gift of magic. And yet, she didn't know that he was exactly like her. He could only destroy when he was in emotional distress. She could teach him everything she knows. He needs to learn. He needs to be taught.

    "I can't let her go. I won't!" He cried out, while his body subconsciously thrashed against the walls and the bed. Nightmares plagued his brain during the time that he slept. His sister Danielle sat up with him as he tried to regain his breath. "Dec, what's going on with you? I've never seen them get this bad before." Dani asked, handing him a glass of water. Declan took it with gratitude. "I keep dreaming about her Dani, something's gonna happen to her. I can't explain anything right now but I can just tell." He tried to tell her. She was listening but isn't. "She's okay for now Decs. I called in a favor." She explained, watching her older brother sigh. It wasn't exactly a happy sound. "You must really like her." She sighed. She was happy to see her brother happy. "I really do. There's something about her. Something different." He stopped, looking up at her. "You won't tell Mom and Dad will you?" She shook her head. "No. They don't need to know." She whispered, giving him one last hug. "Thanks Dani. That means a lot." He said, stifling a yawn drifting back at last to sleep.

    "Let me go! You can't do this to me!" She shouts as she twists away from Josh's arms. Her name is Sophia Bramwell. He twists her to the floor. "No! Get your hands off of me!" She cries out. Josh is violent towards her. No one was doing anything. Declan's anger had pushed him. Further than he could ever imagine. The clouds rolled across the sky. Darkening with the threat of storm and disaster. The rain tumbled down drowning the city with cooler temperatures. "Josh! Let her go! Don't' mess with her!" He called over to him when Sophia was laying on the cold hard concrete hurt. Josh punched him, and hard. Sophia screamed out. Her eyes had grown swollen and red from crying. Declan landed next to her. "Please, please wake up." She whimpered as she lay across him when Josh decided to come back. Declan rolled up, shoving her back to the floor. "Trust me and go." He promised, letting her up. She stood her ground. Declan slowly got up. "I'm not leaving you." She said, watching Josh fall to his knees. Her arms wrap around mine. She is still terrified when Ms. Nesmel came running over. "Mr. Roberts, Ms. Bramwell, follow me."