• Prologue:

    Clouds obscured the moon in the night sky as the two lay in wait. The dark alley in which they stood was a small space between two fast-food restaurants, about enough room to fit a compact car through were it not for the dumpsters belonging to the restaurants occupying most of the space. Many people walked on the brightly lit sidewalks just beyond the alley, all their separate conversations converging into a single, loud, unified sound. Cars were slowly creeping by in the streets, it seemed they numbered as many as the people walking on the sidewalk. Tall lighted buildings surrounding all this added a lively atmosphere to the setting, despite the apparent darkness of the sky above.

    Silently they waited, in their positions just behind and beside either dumpster, scanning the passing foot-traffic for their mark. The request had been simple, find a certain man and kill him. This was nothing unusual for them, being offered work like this was rather common for people with their sort of "talents". The pay seemed unusually high, but otherwise their was nothing especially different about the nature of the job or the mark; naturally the two accepted the request.

    They had been given information on their mark regarding his work schedule and most commonly visited locations by their employer, as well as all his vital details regarding physical ability. After confirming the validity of this information, the two had decided that they would ambush their mark as he made his way from work to the bar he frequented just a few blocks away.

    Minutes passed and their mark had still not shown-up, something wasn't right. According to their information, this particular day and route was the most reliable to pick as the mark was never late and never failed to show. The two shared a glance. One fidgeted slightly, his impatience evident. The impatient one started to practice what appeared to be boxing moves. His partner glared angrily over at him, causing him to stop his shadow-boxing and lean back against the wall with his hands firmly planted in his pockets; now with a slightly sullen look on his face like that of a scolded child.

    The more patient of the pair turned his attention back to the moving crowd. A few more minutes passed and the mark finally appeared. He looked over at his partner, nodding to him.

    Stepping into the light from the alley one could see their shrouded figures coming into shape. The patient one was tall, standing at approximately six feet. Long, black hair that ended just below his shoulders was pulled back into a loose, low hanging ponytail. His dark leather jacket, unfastened despite the cold weather, and black t-shirt stood in stark contrast of the myriad colors cast out from the buildings surrounding the area. The flicker of the streetlights against his dark brown eyes,as he moved in time with his mark, seemed to add a sort of coldness to them.

    A few steps behind walked his partner. He too had black hair, although his was cropped short and spiked up with hair gel; he was tall as well, though not as tall as his comrade. The lights accentuated the blueness of his eyes, unlike his comrades brown eyes, causing a more pleasant look. Clad in a white tank top and leather jacket he followed his partner silently through the busy streets.

    The two stalked their target in silence, weaving effortlessly through the crowds as they kept sight of him. After a few minutes their mark turned the corner of the city block, this was their cue. They had decided prior, after scouting the targets path a few weeks in advance, that the best course of action at this point would be to detour down a nearby alleyway that connected between their current position and a place further along their bounty's path. This plan would actually put them ahead of the target in a less populated area, perfect for an ambush.

    They swiftly maneuvered their way through the somewhat cluttered alleyway. Brief glimpses through smaller connecting alleyways showed the gradual lessening of crowds as they continued. Finally they emerged, the neon lights of the main street no longer visible; instead only dim streetlights overhead lit up messy littered sidewalks, cracks were plainly evident on the streets and buildings. There were barely any people walking about; any that were, were walking at brisk pace to avoid staying too long in this neighborhood. The two leaned against buildings on either side of the alleyway, just out of sight of the sidewalk, waiting for their prey.


    His pursuers were gone but he knew this was not over. He already knew they'd been watching him for a while now, also knowing their intentions to kill him. This knowledge gave him a slight advantage, but not much. After exploring many options with his own "talents" he could find only one path that did not result in his own death. And that particular path still required him to get to the bar. He cursed his situation, and what he was about to bring on his heels to his friends.

    He had seen the whole thing already, he knew what must be done. Feeling slightly sick to his stomach, he hastily made his way along his usual route. It would only be a matter of time until he reached the ambush point. It was then that it would all unfold, it was then that he would bring hell to the only people that could protect him, if he could make it. He gulped away some of his nervousness, rounding the corner he composed himself further and made his way down the sidewalk.

    Finally, he was there. Passing by the alleyway where they were hiding, he began weaving and molding the power inside of him, readying it for use. He would have to be quick, preparation would be key to surviving the chase itself, after that though he would have to rely on his allies. His preparation was complete just in time as his two pursuers emerged from their position in the alleyway. Without hesitation he turned quickly, flinging his hands out towards those chasing him.

    "s**t!" one of the two assailants exclaimed, as an incredibly bright light emerged from his hands. He watched only briefly as they tried to shield themselves from the blinding light, turning back quickly and sprinting down the block. Only twenty feet until the counterattack would occur, he counted off steps as he quickly brought the power inside of him to the surface. Stopping himself at the exact location he shifted his weight backwards and twisted himself so that he was facing right of himself, without stopping he flung his right hand straight out. A thin layer of his power projected itself from him and formed itself into a sort of half-bubble with a water-like appearance.

    Right as this shield finished constructing one of his attackers appeared right in front of him. He looked right into his blue eyes that were now perfectly visible. For an instant that lasted an eternity they made eye contact. The blue-eyed man smiled and pulled his fist back. He could actually see his fist steaming away sweat and reddened from the sheer amount of power coursing into it. He watched in horror as the mans entire arm followed suit almost instantly.

    The next moment the blue-eyed man launched his arm forward. The speed of the punch was beyond human, his fist and arm barely visible as they rocketed towards him. Putting more power into his shield, he braced himself. The fist impacted the shield, slowing it down. Waves of power could be seen rippling through the shield with the intruding fist as the focal point. It seemed the shield would not hold as the fist steadily gained ground against him. Just as the shield he was projecting was at its limit the fist rebounded, sending the attacker flying back as he was obviously unprepared for this outcome.

    With no delay he resumed his sprint to the bar, his body was at its limits. To call on his power further would weaken him to much, and he was already starting to feel the effects of the first two times he'd used his power. With all the strength he could muster he continued. Only ten feet to to the door. He felt the sudden urge to look back but he knew better than to oblige such a notion as he frantically grabbed the door handle.

    He'd made it, in just a moment he was inside. Seeing him enter, everyone greeted him simultaneously with warm smiles. A tear escaped him as he knew what was about to occur. People came over to him and asked him why he was late and he explained to them plainly and seriously about everything that had just occurred. Right as he finished his explanation the front of the building exploded inward followed by a surge of flames.

    The fire dissipated and quickly went out, revealing three hideously charred corpses left among the ashes. He looked over to his comrades, their anger was apparent. Someone had just killed three of their own on their ground. All present readied the power within them, he could feel the air crackling as they rushed out the newly formed opening into the darkness.