• He ran to the library to escape his girlfriend who always sticks around him, he set his phone in silent mode so that he wouldn’t notice even one of those gazillion texts his girlfriend sends him asking where he is. He is tired, he wants to go out of his current situation, but he just won’t and he just can’t.After some time of strolling in the library, he noticed a familiar girl with a long, brownish hair with beautiful, dark brown eyes reading a book on one table at a corner. ‘God, she’s always been and will always be beautiful.’ He whispered to himself. He wants to talk to her but doubts swallow him. ‘Will she be okay?’; ‘Will she be brave if I talk to her?’ He thought to himself. ‘She will be okay, she is always brave’, and this thought always kill him. Thinking that he lost a precious gem in his life and that gem already doesn’t care about him. After minutes of staring, she looked in his direction and let out a cute smile and went back to reading her book. It hurts him. It hurts him like hell to see her already move on. She always is brave and he know that she will eventually let go and move on but he doesn’t want her to forget the memories of him as much as he wants her to forget all the pains he caused her.

    On the other hand, she is focusing on her book, but not really reading the words present in the pages since the time she noticed him. She let out a smile but went back immediately to her book so her tears won’t burst out. It hurts her. It hurts her like hell to see him already happy with someone else that is real opposite and experienced compared to her. He is always a handsome guy and she knows that eventually he will find another girl. She wants to hold on but she wants him to find his happiness as much as she wants herself to be his happiness.

    “Hey! Umm...” he muttered the only brilliant words he knows at that moment. He sat opposite her. He was half-expecting that she will ignore him but he also is eager to hear the sweetest voice he ever heard in his whole life. That one voice that belongs only to her.

    “Hi!” she said while putting her book beside her, hoping that her voice won’t crack. She was happy to hear his deep voice again. ‘I miss you’ she wanted to announced but she doesn’t want to look pathetic.

    “How are you?” he asked. ‘I miss you’ he want to tell her but he don’t want to give her false hope.

    “Fine” she answered shortly and safely. She doesn’t want to announce that she is living in hell if she’s without him.

    “Good” is the only word he can mutter. It hurts him to know that she is fine without him but he is happy that she is totally fine. After all the heartbreaks he brought to her, he knows that she deserve to be fine. The last months are tough to her and he blames himself for all the misery she experienced. Their relationship was the best one he ever experienced in his whole life. He could imagine himself spending his lifetime with her but he knows that he made that lifetime impossible.

    The time that their relationship reached 1 year and 5 months, she began to hear gossips that he is making out with other girls. It is a punch in her stomach but she decided to trust him with all her heart but not until their 2nd anniversary came that she lost all the trust. She planned to throw him a surprise. She went to his house and knocked on the door, after some time of waiting for a response, she got none. There was silence. She at last picked up all of her guts and twisted the knob. It was unlocked. She stepped in and caught her breath because of the first thing she saw. There in the couch lies a girl prettier than her. She was taken aback by the next scenario, out of the bathroom; he stood still with widened eyes looking at her and at the girl at the couch. She ran as fast as she can, trying to convince herself that that was a mere imagination but she pinched her arm and eventually she realized that all she saw was a reality and that marks her final goodbye.

    Not so long until the whole school heard of their break-up, everybody thinks that he did that sin because she is not a complete happiness but it is not the truth, he thinks that she is more than enough. He took all the blame; he doesn’t want her to be blamed by his action.

    She’s struggling everyday of her life. She wasn’t blamed about their break-up because she knew that he took all the blame but all she felt was much more hurtful than a blame it was when she was looked at with pity by everyone.

    He doesn’t want a break-up but he can see that she’s already hurt. He let go. He don’t have the interest in the newly girl he have, he was just forced to be the girl’s boyfriend because of peer pressure and he’s maintaining a reputation that he was not just playing around. That he did it out of love, but the truth is: there is no that can be compared to the love he felt for her. He thinks his a fool because he let go his true happiness to taste a short joy and now, he is suffering from a long agony. He regretted everything. He hated himself. He wants her back but he won’t because coming back would cause her more pain.

    She wants him back but she can’t because coming back would cause him to lose his happiness with the other girl.

    “I miss you” he muttered with a crack voice.

    She wants to smile at his words but as she looked out the window, she saw the girl searching for him. She looked down. She can’t bear the pain in her chest. She knew that after some moment the lump on her throat will burst out to tears and she don’t want that to happen. “She’s waiting outside, you should go” she uttered those words. She doesn’t want their conversation to end but she knows that it was the right thing to do. She doesn’t want to prolong her agony.

    “Ahhm… yuuh, bye” he bid with a wave. He doesn’t want their conversation to end, in fact, he wants it to last forever, he doesn’t know when will be the next time they will break into a conversation. He looked at the girl outside. That girl is nothing compared to her but he chose to end the conversation because he knows that it was the right thing to do. He doesn’t want to prolong his agony and pain.

    That is just a simple conversation at the library. Maybe for everyone, it is just socially getting together yet for him and her, it is more precious than gold. One conversation that ended immediately without each of them knowing that he still care for her and she still longs for him.