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    Preface: Before I say anything else, I want to thank the people who wrote When Curiosity Met Insanity, because they inspired me to actually write a story based on Disney characters all living in one land. With that being said, if there are any similarities to their story line, I would like to apologize, because it would not be on purpose (except for the reference of Alice and the Hatter being together which is bound to come and using name that they assigned to the Hatter). Now, with all of THAT being said, I hope you enjoy the adventure that I’m hoping to put before you (Because for all I know, I’m talking to myself right now, and this story will never get out.).
    P.S. If the title doesn’t make much sense, try to look it up somewhere. It stems from something that the Peter Pan in Disneyland said to a little girl. I may post it… later.

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    The room was brightly lit and colorful, holding only a bed, a table with various medical supplies, and, of course, the doctor, whose patient was just awakening.

    “What…?” She said on the verge of consciousness, rolling onto her back, in turn causing her chaotic red locks to sprawl over the sides of the bed. “’Morning, sweetheart!” The doctor said, with a grin that looked like it was always on his face. “My name is Dr. Joshua Sweet, and-” “Where,” the girl interrupted, sitting straight up on the bed, “where am I?” The girl was confused, wasn’t she just with her family a few hours ago? “We’ll get to that part, to be honest, it’s kind of lengthy, and right now, I need to check you out and make sure you’re all right.” “But my family-” “After we make sure that you’re all right.”

    She didn’t protest, so the doctor began his examination, taking her pulse and listening to her breath. Instead, she took in her surroundings. The room was small and tidy, and smelled of oranges. It was a pleasant smell, and it reminded her of the summertime
    “All right now,” Said the doctor when he was done, “you made the journey all right.” “What journey?” asked the girl, her clear blue eyes clouding over with confusion and just a hint of fear. “Your journey here, of course!” Said the doctor, taking off his gloves. “But where is here?” The doctor began to wash his hands. “People call it by different names, but for the most part, it’s known as Wonderland.”

    She looked around herself. She had never heard of this place, had never been here, but it was so familiar to her. “How did I get here?” She asked, trying to compose herself. “We all come here at some point or another.” Said the doctor, who was starting to put away his stethoscope and clean up the room. “Who?” The girl asked, looking out the window. She saw a garden, with vibrant flowers of more kinds than she knew. Suddenly, there was a flicker of movement. Were those flowers… talking? “All of the characters of Disney, of course,” The doctor said, grabbing her attention. Disney? She felt like she knew the name, but couldn’t put a finger on it. The doctor continued “We all live together here in Wonderland.”

    He picked up a bag that was sitting beside the bed and handed it to the girl. She recognized this immediately, it was her satchel. “Now, I need to go tend to the other new arrivals, so you should get dressed before someone comes back to take you on a tour and get you situated.” As the doctor walked out of the room, he smiled warmly at the girl. “Welcome to Wonderland, Merida.”

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    “Now, you were just at the hospital, which is in the southernmost part of town,” Tiana said, as she walked next to Merida. “and now we’re in the marketplace.” The girls had been walking like this for a half hour, Tiana explaining everything they walked by and Merida taking it all in. “That’s my restaurant right there.” Tiana said as they walked by a red building with Tiana’s Place written on the front of it. She looked so proud, and Merida could see why: The place had a smell coming out of it that was pure Heaven. “Down there is where we hold holiday events, over there is a park, to the left is the entrance to the zoo, and up ahead is the residential district.” Tiana said, pointing at each place she mentioned. “Now, let’s go get you settled into your new home.”

    The girls continued to walk in the same direction, down a path shaded by trees. After the initial shock of everything, Merida decided that she liked this place, and the people who she had met so far. Tiana had something about her that was enjoyable, an air comprised of hard work and independence that would make anyone respect her.

    Both girls had fallen silent, and Merida began to study the trees. If she looked above, she could see the sky through the criss-cross of the branches. Suddenly, she saw a flicker of movement, but it was only for a fraction of a second, so she wasn’t sure if she really saw it. She continued to look around the trees, and there it was again! In an instant, she had her bow drawn and her arm shielding Tiana, who started laughing. Laughing? This confused Merida.

    Tiana politely stepped to Merida’s side. “Peter, we know you’re out there.” There was another flicker of movement, and then suddenly, out of the trees, a boy appeared.

    He couldn’t have been much younger than Merida, but something in his demeanor gave off the impression that he was both young and old at the same time. He was dressed in a green shirt with pants that were a darker shade of green, the same color as the tops of the trees. He wore a hat that was the same color as his pants, but pointed at the end, and a feather was sticking out of the side. His red hair was peeking out of his hat, and a smile was beaming off of his face. Was he barefoot?

    He raised his hands, as if to show that he was harmless, and Merida lowered her bow. “Merida, this is Peter Pan. Peter, say hi to Merida.” Peter’s smile grew wider, and he gave her a slight bow. “Hello.” He said, and abruptly ran into the forest.

    “Who was that?” Merida asked, slightly distracted. Why was this boy jumping around in the tree tops? “Peter? He’s been here longer than a lot of people. He lives in a tree house not too far from your house.” “My house?” Merida didn’t know what she was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t an entire house to herself. “Of course, dear, you don’t think we’d make you live on the streets, do you? It’s right here.”

    The pair stopped walking in front of a small house, made of grey bricks. It was in a miniature, green field, and was surrounded by the forest. “Well, now, I best be getting back to the kitchen. Can’t leave Naveen in there for too long by himself.” She winked at Merida, and then turned and left. Merida, left alone, walked into her new home. The floors were made of a light wood, and the walls were all cream colored. There was already furniture in place for her, and she could not have been happier with the style if she had picked everything out herself. Unpacking what little she had with her, she absently wondered how everyone here seemed to already know her.

    As the day turned to dusk, Merida grabbed her bow and arrows and set out to explore the forest surrounding her home. The air was warm, giving her skin a pleasant feeling where it was exposed. She hadn’t been walking long when she noticed movement in the brush. She briefly wondered whether or not she was allowed to hunt here, but she decided it was okay, as long as she didn’t shoot anything that talked. Besides, she was fairly certain that to get something from one of the stores in the marketplace, she had to buy it, and as far as she knew, she didn’t have any money. She stepped closer to the rustling, slowly drawing her bow to shoot. “Hello!”

    Merida whipped around and found herself nose to nose with an upside-down Peter, who was hanging from the trees. He was too close, too close, too close. She backed away a half a step. “You probably just scared my dinner away.” “Oh, I’m sorry.” He said, his face looked like a small puppy. There was a short silence as Peter stared at Merida with curiosity, and she stared back with confusion. “How are you… doing… that…?” Merida asked him. “Doing what?” “Hanging upside down!” What else would she be talking about? “Are you part monkey or something?” “Nope!” Peter said, and he let go of the tree.

    Merida’s breath caught in her throat, but he landed on his feet. Another long second passed of quiet staring. “What?” Merida asked, a bit uneasy. “We should be friends.” Peter said, still staring at her. “Uhm.. Okay.” “Well, this is why,” Said Peter, listing off his reasons on his fingers “You have a bow, and I have a bow. You have red hair, and I have red hair. You like the forest, and I like the forest.” Merida stared at him, but Peter seemed to be completely serious.

    “How old are you?” She asked him, becoming unsure of his mental stability. “How old are you?” Peter asked, a smile playing across his face. “I asked you first!” Merida retorted quickly. Peter sat Indian-style, crossed his arms, and smiled wider. “Not until you tell me how old you are!” Merida sighed, groaned, and lowered herself onto the ground. “I’m eighteen years old.” She said. “Awww!” Peter said, pulling a chunk of grass out of the ground and tossing it to the side. “What now?” Merida asked, a bit beside herself. “Well, I’m only seventeen.” Peter said, looking up at her. Damn those puppy dog eyes. Merida softened her voice. “Well, why does that upset you?” “Because you’re a whole year older than me and now you won’t want to be friends with me.” Merida couldn’t help but smile. “Why would you think that?” Peter sulked. “Because you’re older, and older people don’t like younger people.” “But you’re only a year younger than me, so you’re practically the same age as me.” Peter shot up. “Really?” Merida smiled and got up. “Sure, why not?” Peter beamed. “This is gonna be so much fun! You’ll see!” and with that, he ran into the forest. Merida stood where she was for a little while, and then began to walk home. “What a strange boy.” She thought to herself, shaking her head.