• Sora began to step back a little bit surprised. “Hold on! I didn’t mean anything!” “God would have wanted me to go unnoticed but I guess this turned into a big problem.” She said. “God? What does God have to do with this…?” The green haired girl kept a long pause and had her guard down. Sora waited for a response, but he figured he was not getting one anytime soon. “I promise to not tell anyone! Just please don’t kill me…!” She put her staff down, and had a calmer look on her face. “Alright then…it seems you just made a contract with the devil.” Sora had a confused yet calmed look on his face. He was pretty shocked that she believed him so causally. “My name is Angel Murakami. I’m guessing you want me to explain what’s going on?” Sora nodded head so much it hurt. “I came from a sky island-” “There are Islands in the sky?!” Now he was interested. “Yes, I came from a town on one of the islands called, Kawayama city. All the islands up there are made up of angels, disciples, few humans, cupids, heaven’s prince, and god.” Sora couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His heart was filled with excitement and interest. But soon, Angel’s face had a pale, pained expression. “At the beginning of this year, the Shinigami appeared. They started destroying everything in sight. They haven’t reached the palace yet because of the barrier it’s holding up.” Sora saw she felt uncomfortable. “Is there anything to stop them?” Angel paused and said, “Us angels, but there isn’t enough of us.” He understood now. And he understood why she was here.

    “I’m guessing you wanted to get away from it all, right?” She hesitated to answer, but out came a solid yes. “The main reason I came here was to find someone with an Angel soul. It’s a person who was actually born in the islands, but got sent down here because of the dangers.” Sora looked at her excitedly. “Do you think I would be of help?” “Please, I don’t think someone like you could be that person. They’d have to be strong, and handsomer than the prince! To be better looking than him, you’d have to be some kind of, of!-” Off to Lala land she went. “Oh.” Sora said half alive. Angel’s face was red. “S-sorry about that. I didn’t mean anything bad of you…” Sora couldn’t answer. In a way, he hid his face. “This prince of yours…is he God’s son or something?”
    “No.” She replied. “He’s second in command of the country. He’s also very handsome!”
    “I get the point.”

    Angel was fidgety, and her face was red. “Do you happen to be in love with him?” Angel froze. “W-what?! Don’t make crazy assumptions human!” She was blushing, and had an angered face. Sora thought it was adorable. There was an awkward silence. “Well, I’ll be leaving soon…”Angel said as she finally calmed down. “Where will you go?” There was a blank pause with crickets as they sang along to the nothingness. Angel was dumb stricken. “I-I….Have no idea…” Sora gave a sigh. “You’re hopeless aren’t you?” He got up. “I don’t want to hear anything from someone who doesn’t even know that Sky Islands exist.” “Also, you’ve got a rude mouth.” Sora snapped. “I really don’t care. I will always be forgiven because I am…” Angel gave a dramatic pose. “Utsukushi.” Sora gave an annoyed sigh, and went to go get another futon.