• Forgotten war part 2

    "Yes master." Blaise mumbled silently begging every god he could think of to not let his arm start hurting. "At the count of three" zemus said. 'What his he planning to do?' Blaise wondered. "One." Zemus started. "Two." He said standing up in the boat. "Three." He shouted and blaise stopped rowing. With a sigh of relief he pulled the oar back in. "What was the purpose of that?" Blaise asked as the boat moved forward on its own momentum. "Timing." He said facing the on coming dock. The boat slid through between two larger boats as it lost speed and stoped right in front of the dock and zemus stepped off onto the dock. "See." He said turning with a flourish. "Perfect timing." Blaise rolled his eyes and tossed zemus the rope to tie the boat down. More fireworks of diffrent colors flashed over their heads as zemus tied the boat down and blaise climbed out on to the dock and looked inland.