• 4 hours after my apparent kidnapping found myself and my increasingly disliked host going 100 miles per hour in a 75 zone filled with twists and turns. It was worse than being on one of those roller coasters that throw you around. I was at the point where, not only did I have to use the bathroom but I was so jostled that I was actually a bit worried I was going to throw up all over the REALLY nice leather interior of the car. And that in and of itself is a terrible crime. Of course, the angel-monster driving didn't seem to be bothered at all or care that his nice car was about to become all kinds of ick. The guy wouldn't even turn on the radio for crying out loud! We went WAY beyond the awkward silence phase as soon as he started driving, at least have some common courtesy to have something distract me. I leaned back into my seat and closed my eyes trying to keep my nausea at bay, when I got this weird cold feeling...Kind of like when your about to faint but without that yucky drop in your stomach. And before I even knew it, I was sound asleep.

    I started awake when a clinking sound and a bit of vibration were by my ear. My angel-monster was outside the car, a look of exasperation on his face. Well, excuse me for falling asleep....Now that I stopped to think about it I realized I hadn't been tired at all when I drifted off. On top of having to go to the bathroom and being nauseous, I was so beyond high strung I didn't want the guy out of my sight.....I tried rationalizing it in my head as over exhaustion or something. Ha, yeah right. And this guy didn't bring back a dying woman back to life. The car door opened, letting in a cool breeze, which brought me back to the pressing matter at hand. "Luna, I'd appreciate it if you could get out of the car please." He said. I undid my seat belt and cautiously stepped out of the car. i made a break for the left but got 2 steps when he snagged my waist. Now granted i'm sure every girl dreams of being swung up bridal style by their blonde, sometimes blue eyed prince charming but I was so close to punching him out, the only thing stopping me was that I got the feeling it would hurt me more than him. "Hey! Put me down!" I yelled. "I would but im not in the mood to fight you all the way into the house." He said. I stopped for a second and whipped my head forward.

    Looming overhead was a beautiful Victorian mansion. It looked as though it was brand new. The only thing giving it away was the authentication plate stating it was built in 1892. It looked as new as if it just finished construction a day or so ago. It was both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. The front yard was large and had all sorts of flower beds, shrubs, and tree's but I didn't really take notice. We finally reached the front door and my breath stopped when he opened the door and stepped inside.