• Chapter 5
    The city of Trinity and the book

    It had nearly been a day since Rain, Maria and Clara had left the comforts of the Inn. “It feels like we’ve been walking forever.” Clara said rubbing her legs which were quite sore. “I can’t wait until we reach the city.” She added. “I guess you’re not used to all this walking huh?” Maria laughed. Clara sighed and smiled “If you were wearing big black high heeled boots, you’d feel my pain.” She said. It may have not helped that the path they were traveling on was quite steep and when they finally made it to the top Clara and Maria took a deep breath and looked out into the horizon. From the top of the hill on which they stood they could see the towering buildings of the city of Trinity.

    “We’re almost there.” Maria breathed “Just a little further.” During all this traveling Rain had said very little, he wasn’t much of a talker. But Maria could tell there was something different about him, it seemed he was more determined than usual. Like he found the answer to a question after so many years. The sun was just beginning to rise over the tops of the trees on the path they were on, before long they were standing just outside the Trinity city gates. “We made it!” Maria exclaimed in happiness “Finally.” Clara breathed “The city gates, now we can finally rest.” She added. Rain looked down at the two girls after hearing them speak. “I guess we should stop for now.” He said “Let’s find an Inn.” He added as they entered the city.

    The city was large, bigger than what they all had imagined “How are we gonna find a place to rest, in a city this big?” Maria asked as she looked at the buildings towering above them. The buildings looked old and most of them were made of stone and were beige in color. Almost the color of sand, and it wouldn’t be to unusual if the buildings had been made of sand stone, since regular stone was hard to come by in this part of the land because of how painfully flat it was. As the trio walked toward the heart of the city there was one large building the stood out among the rest. It was an oversized church with three large steeples that rose hundreds of feet into the air. Its color was a bit different than the other buildings around it; it had sort of a pink-ish hue perhaps this was to help distinguish it from the rest of the beige colored buildings that surrounded it. “It’s huge!” Maria exclaimed taking in the sight of the church. Clara stood in front of the massive structure and looked up at the steeples. “The book you seek lies within the walls that touch the sky.” Clara said in a hushed tone. Maria looked up at her “Hey that’s part of the riddle that was on that paper you showed Mr. Rain before we left.” She said. Clara nodded “I think that I might have just solved part of the riddle.” She said to Maria.

    Rain looked back at the two of them, “You want to go in don’t you.” He said watching Clara. “Can we?” she asked him. Rain hesitated at first; he didn’t really like the sound of entering a church, especially because he was a vampire and most likely would have been an unwelcomed guest. “We have time.” He said walking off toward the oversized church. Clara was surprised that Rain had even let them near the church let alone inside. Rain was walking ahead of the two girls as the approached the massive front doors. “These doors are kind of intimidating.” Clara said looking up at the large oak doors. Rain placed his pale hand on the door and pushed it open for their size it didn’t take much to open them, in fact they slid open quite easily. The inside was almost larger than the outside, where the entered they stood behind three rows of over thirty or so pews, in front of those pews was a huge stage that starched from one side of the room to the other.

    In the middle of the stage was the podium where the priest would stand during mass, off on either side of the room along the stage where two small doors. The church was empty except two people that were praying in the pews closest to the front of the stage. “Those doors must lead to the towers where the steeples are.” Clara said looking at the doors that were just off the corners of the stage. She began to make her way to the door on the right “Let’s check in here first.” She said opening the door. The door lead into a large round room, about forty-feet up one of the walls was a large statue of a man in white robes with his hand out stretched in a beckoning motion. Clara walked up to the statue and looked up at it “The book you seek lies within the walls that touch the sky, hidden just beyond god’s eyes.” She whispered looking up at the statue. “What are you looking at?” Maria asked following Clara’s gaze.

    “The statue.” Clara answered she then looked at the statues eyes and followed its gaze to the adjacent wall, and there she saw it! a loose brick in the wall above them. Clara also noticed near the floor and going up the wall toward the loose brick were several protruding bricks made for what looked like climbing on. Clara walked over to the protruding bricks and began to climb them like a rock wall; she climbed until she was eye level with the statue. She then reached up and crabbed a hold of the loose brick and began to pull it out of the wall. After about a five minuet struggle, she pulled the brick out and looked inside the hole. There in the darkness of the hole she could just make out the corners of an old brown book. “I found it!” she cried out. She reached in and gently pulled the book out; she could hear Maria celebrating down on the floor. Just as she was going to start climbing down she heard what sounded like a growl from above her, she looked up quickly and was face to face with a pair of red glowing eyes watching her from a dark corner of the celling. “Where is Rain!” a voice hissed from the darkness. But before Clara could say anything it grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her from the wall, now Clara was dangling more the forty feet in the air with only this thing from the darkness clamping on to her wrist with its cold clammy hands. “Tell me where Rain is or I’ll drop you!” it growled “Would be sad to waste such a tasty smelling snack.” It added. “Why do you want to know?” Clara cried out in fear of her life. But that was not what the thing wanted to hear and it grew angry “If you will not tell me!” it bellowed “Then you die!” it cried out as it released its grip on her wrist.

    Clara let out an ear piercing scream as she plummeted forty feet down, just when she thought it was all over something caught her in midair, all she had seen was a black blur whizz by her before she suddenly stopped falling. For a minute or two she closed her eyes after her sudden stop, trying to make sure it wasn’t a dream she opened her eyes to see Rain staring down at her while she lay in his arms. Rain was hovering a mere few inches from the ground. “Are you alright?” he asked looking down at her. He could tell the she was clearly in a state of shock. “I-I’m fine.” Clara stammered looking back up at Rain “T-Thank you.” She said. Clara was grateful to Rain for saving her life, and now felt as if she owed him. But before Clara could say anything to Rain she was interrupted by Maria who let out a loud shrike “There’s more of those monsters!” she cried pointing up at the celling.

    Rain looked up in alarm “Roughs.” He said “But where are they coming from?” he added. The roughs swarmed the walls of the room like ants and then descended upon Rain and the girls. Rain gently placed Clara down “Take Maria and leave!” he told her. Clara looked up at Rain worriedly “What about you?” she asked “Don’t worry about me.” Rain replied immediately “Just go!” Clara nodded and ran toward Maria “Let’s go!” Clara exclaimed grabbing Maria by the arm. “But Mr. Rain!” Maria cried reaching for him “He’ll be fine!” Clara assured her. As the got to the door Clara couldn’t help but turn around, and what she saw both frightened and astounded her. She had seen Rain in his true form, his eyes blazing red, his nails like blades and his speed blinding. “He’s so strong.” Clara thought to herself “I’ve never seen anything like it.” Maria on the other hand was quite frightened but what she saw, this wasn’t the first time she had seen Rain like this.

    It reminded her of the time just before they met Clara and stayed at her grandfather’s Inn, when he had fought off a rough that had threatened to eat her. But this time it was different his fangs had grown longer unlike last time where only his nails and eyes had changed. Perhaps was Rain turning into one of those monsters? Into a rough? Maria watched as he fought off as many of the roughs as he could, his fighting style had changed as well; he was more ruthless then the last time. He was throwing roughs into the walls with great force destroying the bricks. He cut them in half with his nails and blinding speed, he had even managed to throw one of them into the statue braking off the statues head.

    And yet they kept coming at him in greater numbers every time, Rain began to chant an incantation his voice filling up the tower. Under his feet a red glowing pentagram appeared and bolts of what looked like black lighting shot from under his feet , the black lightning took the form of what looked like black dragons as it cracked around the room taking out hoards of roughs. But even Rains black magic wasn’t enough, the just kept coming and Rain was beginning to tire out. The roughs began to over whelm him and beat him down, Rain’s long sliver locks where matted with his blood and he had also received large gash to his side “Damn” he thought “There’s just to many.” Maria watched in horror as her beloved guardian was nearly killed. “Mr. Rain!” She cried out “Mr. Raaaaaaaiiinnnnnnn!” Just then a white light filled the room; it was like an answer to a prayer.

    The sounds of screaming roughs echoed through the church, they screamed in pain as the white light disintegrated them. As soon as the light had come it was gone, Clara and Maria where huddled against the door and in the middle of the room Rain was down on one knee panting heavily. Maria and Clara stood up and ran to Rains side “Are you Ok?” the both asked franticly racing up to him “I’ll be fine.” He said standing up “I just need to rest.” He added but their relief was short lived when a man in long black robes with white trim burst into the room “Peace core!” he shouted holding a black and silver pistol. “Don’t move!” The man with the gun looked over the three with shock “You! Vampire!” he said turning to Rain “What happened here?” he asked in a harsh tone. “We were attacked by roughs.” Rain told the man.

    “Is that so?” Said the man and of course he didn’t believe Rain. “You’re under a rest for destroying church property and for trespassing into the city; Vampires are not allowed within the walls of the holy city of Trinity.” He told Rain placing thick metal hand cuffs on his wrists. “This isn’t fair!” Clara exclaimed “Yeah Mr. Rain did nothing wrong!” Maria cried out. “Take it up with the courts.” The man said escorting Rain out of the church. “You two come with me.” Said another man standing outside the door motioning to the girls “I’ll take you to the Inn, you can rest there for the night.” He told them.