• "My gift to you three hasn't come cheap, but it's worth it", Harry looks at her with excited eyes, "I give you your new gear", he pulls the blanket off, revealing suits, for the three of them, "Harry you didn't have to do this", Vanessa crossed her arms, "I was talking out loud, it was just something I would love to do again but--", Harry cut her off, "but you can!", he says, "I can't stand seeing you like this all the time, angry and depressed", he walks over and picks up the gear, "I've seen you look at the news, you want to get back into the action, don't you", his cheeks turn red, "you know I can't believe I'm actually talking to the actual Scarlet X", Baldr and Alif look at each other, "Scarlet X was my cover name....", she told them, "but I cant go as Scarlet X anymore you know, it's like asking for a death wish", Harry hands her her gear, "I know, that's why you're going to change it", he stands back some, "what about you Harry, what are you going to do?", Alif asked him, Harry chuckles, "I have no super powers, or a particular set of skills, I'm just... normal", he gazed at his feet, "but of course that doesn't mean I can't be the leader of The Defenders!", he smiled at the name, Vanessa raised an eyebrow, "wow, that's actually a good name for us", she said, Alif smiled, "yes it has a nice ring to it, The Defenders, guardians of Midgard!", he punched Baldr on the shoulder, "right brother!", Baldr crossed his arms as he leans on the wall, "a name suited for warriors such as our selves..... I like it", was all he said before closing his eyes, "hehe! seems like we have a team!", Harry says excitedly, "all that's left are your names."

    - - - - -

    Vanessa, Alif, and Baldr suit up in their gear, of course they were the same material but different style, the metal was light weight and non-bulky giving them easy access to maneuver around as they pleased, "I want my sword", Baldr growls, "same here", Vanessa sighed, she held up her new weapon, it was a bit thicker, and heavier, but she couldn't complain, Baldr's sword was massive, yet he carried it with ease, he was an Asgardian after all, "I don't know what you two are complaining about, my new bow is amazing", Alifs eyes sparkle with complete glee, "I just... my sword was given to me on my birthday... and I cherish it because someone special gave it to me", Vanessa placed on her metallic mask which had no eye holes, but in a second a screen popped up allowing her to see, "whoa, you guys have to try this", she made a hand gesture that told them to fasten their pace, "hurry, hurry place on you masks", Baldr and Alif do what she says and place the masks on their face, and in a second she could see their expression, "what is this sorcery?", Baldr asked, "it's not magic", Harry pops in on them, "it's technology, and what you're witnessing right now is a hologram projecting the scenery around you", he chuckled, neat huh", he looks at his watch, "crap, you guys have to go before you lose out", he rushed the three out, "oh wait, I forgot your boards, "later, we have to get out of here", she stops for a moment, "your the leader right? So lead us through this", she smiled before heading off with Baldr and Alif.

    "Alif stood on top of a high building along with Vanessa and Baldr, "it's Sabretooth and Juggernaut", she crouched down, "what's a sabretooth?", Baldr asked, "and a Juggernaut?", Alif asked, "all you need to know is that their mean, aggressive, and ready to kill", Vanessa looks over at Baldr, "Baldr, you ready?", she asked, "yes", the two jump off the twelve story building, Vanessa conjured up two 'black circles' that went under their feet, "the nasty hairy one's mine!", Vanessa says as she dives in. She remembers the pure thrill of the fight, especially against people like.

    "You're mine!", Vanessa says as her fist connects with Sabretooths face causing the ground beneath him to crumble into a small crater, it had been a while since she used her full strength, a while indeed.

    "UHG!", Sabretooth, taken by surprise by this stumbles back with blood gushing from his nose and mouth. He shook his head, getting himself back together quickly due to his healing factor... like Logan's, "I'm going to take you and rip you apart slowly.... LIMB FROM LIIIMMBBB, RAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

    Vanessa took her weapon in both hands, she never had to hold her katana like this, it was light, and this... was a bit heavy, "then come at ME!", she and Sabretooth run at each other, she swings her sword up in a diagonal towards his chest, but he caught it with his hand.

    "Hehehe~ you have no idea who you're dealing with girl", he growled with a lion like grin on his face, his massive fangs showing.

    "I don't think you know what you're dealing with either!", Vanessa let go of the handle of her sword and jumped aside before Sabretooth swiped at her. He growled, his attention set on her for a moment before looking ahead to see an anger Juggernaut charging at Baldr who quickly slid between Sabretooths legs.

    "Damn it....ARRHGG!", Juggernaut slammed into Sabretooth sending him crashing into a near by car, knocking him out completely.

    "You think you can run away from me boy!!", in a split second an arrow hit the Juggernauts helmet, it bounced off of course but a magic mist surrounded his face making him woozy until he fell down, "y-you can't s-stop the... the Juggernaut... uuhhhhgg~", he fell down with a loud thud.

    Vanessa took her weapon off the ground and smiled a little, "so how was that?", she asked Baldr who grins.

    "Good", was all he said as he looks up at Alif atop the building, before they could cheer or pat each other on the back Spiderman showed up along with White Tiger, Nova, Powerman, and Iron Fist, "ah~ and it seems like those guys beat us to it", Nova says as he lands. Alif finds his way down and joins in, "and may I ask you who the heck you guys are?", Powerman asked, Vanessa turns to face him, "I'm Quick Arrow", Alif says, "Berserker", Baldr says, "and Death Blade", Vanessa said as she walks over towards a knocked out Sabretooth and Juggernaut, "if you don't mind we're busy taking out the trash you should have done", Death Blade says as she ties them up with adamantium type rope.

    "hehehe~ I know who you are", Sabretooth told her with a snarl, she could see a wicked grin forming on his healing face, causing sweat to form on her forehead.

    "I don't know what you're talking about", she hissed lowly, although she knew exactly what he was saying.

    "I never forget my prays sent, especially yours", he licks his lips in a hungry way, "and when I get my hands on you I'll drag you into the dark and show you what real pain truly is!", Death Blade turns around as a feeling of sickness overtook her, she felt like passing out right there but Quick Arrow got to her in time, "what's wrong, look at me", he placed his hands on her face, "Alif", she whispers, "he knows", she placed her head on his chest, "he knows", and if he knew then if she happened to bump into Logan he would find out and... and, he held her, "the higher ups are here, lets go", she nods her head and in a second a black circle appear under their feet, "leaving so soon!?", Spiderman shouts, "yeah, and next time try to get here a bit early!", Quick Arrow says with a smile and a chuckle.

    - - - - -

    Vanessa asked Alif if he could change her back... and he did, she missed the way she looked and now that she thought about it she missed her friends, "guys come check this out!", Harry shouts from in the living room. Alif and Baldr were already there before her in their night attire, which mainly consisted of pants and no shirt for the two, "you're all on tv, congratulations", Vanessa crossed her arms as she listens to the news.

    "It seems like we have a new team of young hero's coming out into the scene and their not afraid to get down and dirty", the first anchorman says as he replays the video of Baldr sliding beneath Sabretooths spread out legs, "wow, you look good on camera", Vanessa chuckled.

    "Yeah another batch of wanna be hero's, do we really need more of these guys running around here, causing chaos!?", the second anchorwoman says in anger.

    "I agree, you young hero's need to let the big boys handle things and stay in school like good kids should", the thrid anchorman says. It was enough to get Vanessa's blood boiling.

    "Anyways, who are these kids anyway?", the second anchorwoman asks.

    "They call themselves The Defenders", the first anchorman says.

    - - - - -

    School starts up again this time with everyone talking about them, The Defenders and damn did all that fame feel good, "Death Blade was so cool! She must be the leader of the team... I mean it's obvious", a girl says as they pass her and her friends by, "Quick Arrow? Dude, I only saw his arrow, so cool bro", a boy says to his friend by the locker, "I heard that Berserker has a dark past", one of the goth kids say, the whole day was filled with nothing but The Defenders and how they kicked a** yesterday, "hey Harry", Vanessa called from down the hall, "it's not even the second day and we're getting noticed", she smiled to herself, "yeah, just try not to let your ego get in the way of your school work", Harry told her as he shut his locker. The bell rings signaling all the students to hurry and head to their first period classes, "well, see you after school", she says while waving bye to Harry.

    Vanessa sat at her desk unaware of how loud she was tapping the pencil on the table top, "Jade, is there something wrong?", the teacher asked, "uh, no", was all she could say, "are you sure?", the teacher responds back. It took Vanessa a moment to give a reply back, "I'm fine, I'm just- -!?", she paused as she looked out the class window to see a bright white light that illuminated the whole class room, the students stand up, clearly curious of what the light was and frightened at the same time, "what the heck was that!?", one of the students asked, and in that moment the intercom came on, it was principal Coulson, "this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill. Teachers please escort the students into the cafeteria asap", Vanessa continues to look out the window to only see a wave of destructive energy scorching buildings in its path, the only plausible explanation was that someone dropped a nuclear bomb right on top of New York. As the energy wave came towards the school there was a whisper, "burn~", Vanessa woke up in a cold sweat screaming like no other. Baldr and Alif barge into her room, Alif quickly comes to her side and pulled her into his embrace, "it's a dream! Vanessa it's only a dream!!", Harry makes it into the room and turned on the light, "its happening again isn't it", Harry said as he sat down on the edge of the bed, "yeah it's been happening more than normal, and I'm guessing it's the same dream", Alif closed his eyes, "what ever this thing is, I fear it might just wipe Midgard and the rest of the people on it off the face of the universe", Baldr crossed his arms, "the day is not clear so we will have to keep a sharp eye", he says, "yeah, a very sharp eye", Harry responds while getting up off of the bed, "lets try to get some sleep, she's usually knocked out at this time", Harry tells them, "indeed", Alif says before covering Vanessa up.

    The three head out of her room with fear in their minds, not knowing the time of day that it might happen, all they knew was to keep calm... and keep a sharp eye.