• One. The beginning. October 1 st
    “The candle light fills up my study. My son has grown and is starting to show that he is most definitely fit to be the king. My husband has grown so old its showing. Being queen and king is not easy. I adore waking up to the warm welcome of my subjects. They are so important to me. They send in gifts quite often and I accept them all. They really make it easier on me. So tonight King Aldwyn and I shall host a ball to ring a toast to our young boy Christopher. We shall announce that he will be soon taking over the throne and he will need to find his Queen. Terribly exciting, isn’t it?”
    Signed, Bega

    Bega folds her diary page into a neat square and places it in her leather bound diary, storing it away. There was a knock at the door.
    “You may enter” Said Bega, turning to the door.
    “Queen, the people have begun to gather at the hall doors. The king asks if you are ready to let them enter” servant replies entering quickly.
    “Yes darling. Do tell him I’m well suited. Thank you dear” Bega replied with a smile. The servant bowed and quickly walked out.
    Bega sighed calming her nerves from anticipation. She turned to her mirror and began to brush her long brown locks as the king entered. They locked eyes in the reflection. He walked over to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.
    “You look lovely as always my dear” Aldwyn said.

    “Oh wynny” she shook her head, smiling, and placed her hand on his.
    “Dear is something the matter? You’ve been in here for a while” he replied with a concerned tone.
    She sighed “Oh my dear, I’m so worried” she stood to face him.
    “What ever for?” He asked.
    “Do you think this was a good idea? To gather the villagers and such?” she looked awful worried.
    He pulled her in close and kissed her forehead “Bega, you are wise. You chose to do this for the best; for our son. I’m sure everything will be fine.” He gently placed his hand under her chin and looked into her big green eyes and said “You are an angel.” She smiled and hugged him once more. “Now shall we? I need my beautiful queen to accompany me at the ball.” He turned offered his arm for her to hold.
    “Why of course we shall.” Bega replied. They walked out of the study.