• "Damnit.." I said tossing a crumpled paper at the cold stone walls.
    "What?" A fellow watchmen asked with a bored tone.
    "A party." I said with my head resting on my chin and looking at the vast plains with a lush green forest rimmed around it. "A party? Whats your role in these festivities? Ugh!" He said jumping up and throwing his hands in the air, proceding to lean on a wooden barrel in the corner."I allways stuck. STUCK" He replied pointing his steel sword in my direction. "No you fool, IM invited. This isn't work!" I said with an eyeroll and a sigh. "So whats 0your problem?" He said fixing his chair from the ground. "HA!' I said turning to him. "What you think I can go? nonoooooo, I have 'protect the keep' and 'be a hero'. All I do is WATCH THE ******** COWS!" I said ending with a grunt and walking into the cold gray stone doorway. "We don't even have doors in this tower!" I said with a the hatred I had in my voice. "Ugh. Ive been on this post LONGER THAN YOU HAVE, know how many bandits ive seen? One. Its still not a bad job." I turned to him and got inches from his hace and lookin him in the eye. "Im not some...watchmen, I want to be a leader! Be known! Only reason I have this job is I had some 'issues' with the law." I said grabbing a roll of paper and stomping off. "Where do you think your going?! Your not off till 8!" He shouted. "Im going so this party. I want to so I WILL!" I snarled back at him. Though my words were angry at him he wasn't who im angry at. Just the picture of the king. Greed. All he is is greed this kingdom can fall for all I care! "WAIT!" He ran up to me having to fast walk to even keep up. "Don't try and stop me Flint!" I said with my eyes locked on the stone staircase to the inter city. "Daruis, you lose this job your in the dungeon!" He said with a scared tone. "Not forever, ive done my time before nothing new!"I nearly yelled quickly pounding my way down the steps with loud echoing footsteps. "Just come back you can still get to the party at 8!".
    "For WHAT? Being the king tool?" I said turning down the next set of steps trying to lose Flint while walking. "Hush! Don't speak about the king!". "THE KING IS A --" Flint covered my mouth before I could even speak a letter. "Please hold your tounge!" He pled looking around for any city patrol.
    After a brisk walk though the city I was where the party was lead, while still being followed by Flint, insisting I turn back. "You hear me. IM NOT GOING TO BE A PAWN TO THE KING!" I yelled while turning to the heavy wooden doors and swinging one open, the lights and sounds tore out of the building like a gales of snow. "Please!" He said behind me. I grabbed girl and quickly placed her between me and him, then walked away while chuckling at the womans confused face. He stopped and threw his hands up and yelled "This did't SOLVE anything!" He then proceeded to make his way up the oak steps moving people out of his way.
    I turned to him while eating a roll filled with butter. "You..you need to lighen up." I said while eating the rest of the roll and leaning on a wooden and steel-braced support beam. "I NEED TO LIGHEN UP?! LIKE YOUR ACTIONS ARE 'LIGHT'!?" "Hellow ladies.. I said with a smerk as they giggled and walked by. "Flint. Its fine, we will go to our post at 8."
    "And what if we get caught?" He asked with his eye brows raised.
    "I'll get back to you on that" I said with a smile.

    ...Little did we know that this night, this night had other people making plans, and lies. And that we had a bigger role than just a simple watchmen...
    This story is just made up as I went, if you want to see a part 2, comment or rate biggrin