• Gashes to Ashes and Cuts to Dust

    Gashes, gashes
    Ashes to Ashes
    Yeah you may have gashes
    But you still are alive

    Feel blessed that you're just depressed
    You're still on this earth
    Feel blessed that you're the best you
    You ever were
    You still are
    A shining star that shoots so far
    Just believe in yourself
    Despite your scars

    Slashes, slashes
    (Life) Flashes, flashes
    Yeah you may have slashes
    But you still won the fight


    Ashes to ashes
    Dusk to dust
    I pray that you'll never go away
    Gashes and slashes
    From when your mind crashes
    I beg of you to stay
    (Be okay)


    You're fine
    You made it through the day
    Just pray
    That's step one