• Day 1:

    The day started as normal every other day of my life; wake up early for school, put something on my stomach before running out to catch the public bus, the 45 minute ride to campus and the 5 minute walk to class furthest edge of campus. After pre-calculus, which made more sense today than normal, I headed to the cafeteria, to meet up with friends, browse tumblr and eat my can of Spaghetti-Os between classes. Normal college student things. When I saw the post on tumblr, like most people I thought it was some sort of prank; our newest meme to replace everything else that had come and gone. Some big apocalypse hoax just like the 2012 Mayan calendar and 06/06/06; nothing to actually worry about. If it was super serious then it would be on the news, and something so big would trickle into my attention like all other big news. Right? I finished my day like normal, a few more classes, a bus ride home, another dozen conversations with my friends, a few work appointments online and bed at 2am.

    Day 2:

    I woke up on time, not paying attention to the radio DJ too distracted by sleep and fighting the erge to fall back into it. Once more I got dressed, ate and went to go catch the bus to school, browsing tumblr and a few other sites on my phone as I took the trip. The big plague thing was still going around but I shrugged it off, tumblr could spend months on one topic so nothing too out of the ordinary. Once more I went through school and work and home life like it was nothing, actually playing with our ferret while she was out and roaming the house. The weather had been nice recently, so maybe it was time to actually go outside, get that tan my cousin was talking pestering me about. Tomorrow I decided before logging on to the mmo game my friends got me hooked on over the summer, playing until I noticed the time projected on the ceiling was 4am. Opps.

    Day 3:

    Okay so maybe the whole epidemic thing wasn't a joke, as I was getting ready while mostly dead my mom mentioned it being on the news and to be careful, watch my distance and to keep my mouth off of people – as if the last one was an actual concern. She drove me to school, despite how early that made me so I wouldn't have to take the bus, slightly less chance of catching whatever was going around. I actually looked at the news during my break – some sort of strange new super flu sprung from nowhere and was spreading at a rapid rate. So far only a few death attributed to it and it came with normal flu symptoms. 'Just the flu, no biggy never caught it before so as long as I'm careful same as every year before.' I thought before going back to normal habits. Once home after homework I took a ride on my tricycle just down the street for a snow cone and back, laughing at the odd looks received, a single appointment that night, a couple matches online and bed.

    Day 4:

    My morning class was canceled, teacher sick with the flu spreading around and decided to just cancel instead of a getting a substitute. One less day of public speaking sounded perfectly. Tumblr was a buzz with warning about the flu and a few blogs talking about there being other things connected to the flu – like zombification. There was no real proof but there were people swearing this was true... it wouldn't hurt to call some of relatives who lived in more densely populated areas, like DC. I tried my older brother first, though as normal no answer, moving on to my dad, same result but he could simply be busy at work. I would try again after my later classes. My grandmother drove me onto campus, dropping em off right in front of the building my classes were in.

    Day 5:

    School campus is closed, the flu has gotten worse and the are saying on the radio to stay indoors and prevent as much contact with other as possible. Boil all water before using it, and only drink bottled water. Easy enough instructions for a reclusive home body. I spent the day gaming and talking to a bunch of friends throughout the day. That was until the Internet crashed, only to find it was cox. Their office line was dead as well... verizon seemed to still be up, and I used the 4g to try and find some actual news... tumblr wasn't wrong, there was something wrong with this flu, something that was changing those infected, but it can't be zombies, they were just stories right.

    Day 6:

    A bucket list item can be crossed off, watch the sky while sitting on the roof, I just hadn't factored in a zombie infection being part of it. We had seen a few pass by earlier in the morning and were more thankful now than ever for my mom having bought a ladder to roof and gutters instead of paying someone to do it. After getting me and my brother up and leaving us with some soup and water she and grandma went to go see what was left stores that might be useful and stock up on as much as possible that was a couple of hours ago... no not thinking anything happened to them. Nope, they would return safely even if it is without supplies. I know it was probably stupid to waste my phone battery on it, but I called a few of my closer friends to make sure they were okay. Not everyone answered.

    Day 7:

    They never returned. We still have keys to the jeep, but neither of us can drive. I did sneak down and back into the house, grabbing my work knives, never having been happier that I had my job then I was at that moment, holding my K-bar tucking my pocket knife into my pocket and handing the butcher knife to my brother. Handing up the baseball bats and wooden broom. I kept trips quick and quiet as possible, not sure how much like the zombies in basic lure they were like and even what they most similar to, and only hoping zombie survival game basics applied. I spent the day trying to keep the boy calm and quiet while thinking of a plan, of somewhere to go where, of a way to get there, but had to answer. School and videogames never actually prepared me for this.