• Scarlet walked towards the entrance of the palace, her shoes creating a slight tap as she strided to her destination. She pushed open the grand double doors. They creaked as she opened them. There to greet her, was him. Cerulean.

    Cerulean was the prince of the blue kingdom. However, he had red hair. This defeated the point of being the prince of a blue kingdom. Scarlet was the princess of the red kingdom. However, she had blue hair. This defeated the point of being the princess of a red kingdom too. Their empires liked their prince and princess, but the blue kingdom palace was burnt down by some red kingdom citizens, and in order to pay for this, the red kingdom offered their palace to stay in, while also paying for the repairs and any damage done.

    The princess walked past blue prince, her posture upright and regal. She locked eyes with him, her gaze sharp but firm in greeting him silently. She was waiting to meet her beloved: the yellow prince. She had fallen in deeply in love with him, ever since the first sight of him.

    His name was Oriel. He was your typical prince: Sincere, kind to all, generous, forgiving and loyal to his country. He had blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Many loved him. More were willing to die for him. He loved the princess and returned her feelings; this love was not one sided.

    Scarlet lifted her blood-red dress as she descended the stairs into the rose garden. Oriel was there, with a fresh red rose in his palm. He handed it to Scarlet and she smiled a smile that not many people got to see from her before asking for him to put it in her hair. She was genuinely happy with Oriel, no one had forced him to love her.

    Cerulean observed this scene from a window, his eyes full of envy. He loved the princess. He wanted the princess. He needed the princess. When she smiled at him, his heart would fly. When she smiled at another, his heart would shatter. He would kill that meddling Oriel. Then he'd woo the princess and have his way with her. Yes, yes! A great plan. He turned away from the love-struck couple and got ready for the death of Oriel.

    As Oriel left, the sun had set and it was dusk. He had spent more time than he should have with the princess...Again. Oriel smiled at himself. The princess was simply irresistible. He heard a sound from behind and turned around swiftly. Ah. The blue prince. Unmistakably envious of their love. Oriel was going to say something when Cerulean took out a dagger. His eyes widened and his pupils narrowed. Before he could run, the blue prince stabbed Oriel, watching the blood flow from his wound.

    “My, the rumours are false. You don't bleed yellow blood.” The blue prince smirked with malice. Some blood got on his shoes. That wasn't good, these shoes cost more than the blue palace itself. Cerulean took out a napkin and wiped the blood off his shoes and dagger before throwing it on Oriels face. He looked up at the moon as it glistened with the stars.
    “A beautiful night for blood spilling.”

    The next day, Cerulean invited Scarlet to dine with him. Scarlet gladly accepted the invitation and sat with the blue prince.
    “My, princess, your hair looks lovely today, did you change your hairstyle?”Cerulean asked. The princess smiled and replied
    “Why yes. Thank you for noticing!”

    They conversed a for a few more minutes, the prince dropping in many obvious compliments that the princess dismissed with a smile.
    “A toast, to childhood friends.” Cerulean said.
    “A toast.”.

    Glasses clinked and a red wine was drunk. If only the princess knew of the the drug that only Cerulean could stand. The princess fell into Cerulean's hands with a soft 'thud'.
    “My, princess. Looks like you're mine now.”