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    Name: Ayami Leiko Takashino
    Age: 19
    Haircolor: Dark Blue
    Eye Color: Light Green
    Skin Color: A Light Caramel color

    Background: Nothing special but a ordinary girl living the normal life, that was until she moved into an apartment that sat between two males. She grew up in America because of problems she had with her father over in Japan, but moves back to Japan when she finishes high school. The friends she had ignore her, so she rarely talks to anyone.

    Chapter One:

    I placed everything that I had left into the dressers in my room, closing and opening to make sure everything was there. I smiled and wiped off sweat that had been collecting on my forehead and face.

    "A job well-done, Ayami," I told myself. I walked out of the room and went into the kitchen, which wasn't far from the my room. My new apartment was small, yes, but since I rarely have guest over and I don't like living in a huge place by myself, this seemed like the perfect apartment for me. I grabbed a juice box from the fridge and an apple from the table, sitting down in front of my t.v to watch something. On one channel was the news, another was some silly comedy show, and another was an anime. Deciding on watching the anime, I started paying attention to the many things going on in the episode. Before I was able to see what the preview for the next episode was going to be about, someone, more like two people, knocked at my door. Standing, I walked over and opened it, finding to highly attractive males standing behind it, bickering even as I stood there in silence. I finally decided to make a noise to let the two know I was standing there.

    "Hello," I said kindly. "What can I do for you?"

    "We simply came to see the new girl int the apartment," one of the two males said. His hair was let to fall freely over his shoulders, colored the color of the midnight sky. This hair framed a pale face with a sly expression on it, emerald colored eyes staring at me.

    "More as if he wants nothing more than to get in your head, my dear. My name is Sebastian Michaelis, and I live to the right of your apartment, while Blood Dupre here lives to the left of you," Sebastian said. His skin and hair was the same color as Blood's, but his eyes. They were a beautiful shade of red and complemented the dark hair and pale skin. I blushed as I looked at him and moved my eyes somewhere else.

    "That is not true at all, Michaelis. And you know it," Blood said, pulling out a rose and handing it to me. "So, may we know the sweet maiden's name, hm?"

    I blushed darker and took the rose, placing on the table.

    "It's Ayami Takashino," I said softly, surprised that they both heard me.

    "What a beautiful name for a beautiful woman such as yourself," Blood said, moving in closer. I backed away and practically thanked Sebastian for pulling Blood the other way.

    "I will make sure that he doesn't do anything as long as I am around, Ayami. I'll see to it that we do come over for dinner later on."

    "Okay, I'll do my best to make something good, I promise," I said with a smile. The two walked away and I closed the door, sliding my back againist the door. I sighed and placed my hands over my face. I calmed myself down and walked away from the door, trying to seem positive and okay about living between guys that could possibly be angels.

    Yea, what could go wrong about two guys being angels?

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