• Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go! I think to my self in my head. As I make my way through the hallways, textbook and papers in hand, I feel a kick at my foot, and with a gasp, my knees and face collide with the floor, all with a loud thud and the sound of papers sliding across the tile floor. I grimace in pain, lifting my face from the ground to see it covered with my nosebleed from the impact. "Omygosh! Caroline, are you alright?" Someone asks, the with holder of the voice to be only my friend Isabelle. She lifts me from the ground in a tight squeeze, only to have me grimace from the bone crushing hug. She notices, and lets me go, only to have me fall to the ground once more. The people around me gasp and whisper, some of concern, others of confusion. This is the last I hear before my eyes can see only black and my senses soon leave me, as if falling into a deep slumber.

    I wake up in an unfamiliar room, on a hospital bed. I blink many times, getting use to the white light and bland colors of the room I'm in. I search for any signs of familiarity, and all I could find is my boyfriend sitting nearby. I try to speak, but it comes out in more of a croak, from not speaking in a while. "Eric?" I ask, still confused as to if I'm in a hospital or the school infirmary. He looks up at me, worry in his eyes. He smiles at me, and comes over to kiss my forehead. "Are you alright?" He asks. "I should ask you the same question. You look horrible." I tease. He chuckles at me, but it soon fades. "I'm serious." He says sternly. "I heard you fell pretty bad, you broke your ankle." He sounds concerned and angry. "Why are you angry?" I ask. "I just fell over myself, it's not a big deal." I say this more to assure myself than him. "Because, you didn't fall over yourself. Nick tripped you." He said this through clenched teeth, so it came out in a hiss. My anger boiled inside me. What does that boy have against me?! I thought.
    Oh, if he wants to play rough,
    he's gonna get rough