• ~Insane~
    It has been 2 years since the accident with Gray. My back was still filled with scars and burns. I still have His hat. "I really do miss you, wimp" I whispered. I could feel the tears stinging my eyes. After he died, I formed the Color Brigade, an anti-gray unit. But that following year the brigade broke up into teams. There are 5 teams including Gray. Red was the Flamed Wings. Blue was the Washed Away Tears. Green was the Everlasting Hope. Gray was the Dreams Despair. And purple was The Last Stand. I grabbed the purple hat on my drawer and adjusted it on my head. Today there was going to be a meeting between the four colors. Gray, of course would not be attending.I sighed. Today was going to be a long day.
    "Dangit," I shouted. My feet felt like they were about to burn up in flames. "Stop," barked the guard who had been chasing me for a good 40 minutes. Man this guy is persistent isn't he, I thought. I jumped up the stairs that led to a small door. Kicking it open swiftly, I turned and smacked it shut. 'Phew." I fell to the ground. "Man that was a workout." I adjusted my sword and checked my shield. They were both a bit scratched up but still useable. I looked around the room I was in. There were books everywhere and in the corner laid a small sword. It's handle was decorated with small purple roses and it gleamed silver.

    Character information
    Physical Appearance=Short black hair with right side head's hair is let down and right is tied up with a panda clip in the back. Purple eyes ever since becoming the leader of Purple

    Physical Appearance= Dark brown hair that is slightly ruffled up. Coco colored eyes.

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    To be continued