• Chapter 3

    During lunch time at school, I usually hang out with my best friend Poppy outside where no one was near us in the shade. Instead, I watched her hang out with her new friends at a lunch table from a very long distance. She is never a social communicator, until now. She looked at me with her beady little blue eyes, and then turned away. I can tell that she thinks I envy her right now, which is correct in many different levels.

    My new lunch location is at a long, red table, which is probably a half-mile away from Poppy, which I am eating alone with many high school students that I do not know. Eventually, one miserable afternoon, my eyes were about to tear up until a boy walked over to me and sat just a feet away from me. Wait, hold on a second. He has wolf ears?! Adorable! He just looked at me, and I stared at him back.

    From my view, he is wearing a hat, and, of course, those cute and adorable ears that he is wearing. He is also wearing a red checkered scarf with worn-out black pants and a plaid gray shirt. The boy also has a wolf claw for his left hand and a robotic gun, replacing his right arm. Wearing a black eye-patch for his right eye, somehow I think that he is looking intensely right at me even without his right eye visible. And, lastly, he has some black shiny shoes, probably to cover his furry feet. To me, I feel like I am wearing a complete mess right now.

    "Hey, what is your name?" he asked me as he took a sip at what looked like a crack pipe to me.

    My heart pounded. I'm going through the first day, and I found a person I liked. Awesome!

    "Um... Jennifer Owens." I said. I can hear my heart beating faster and faster.

    "Cool. My name is Robert Slater. You can call me Ryan," he answered back.

    I feel very happy that I got praised from a person I do not know yet. Feeling surprised by my encounter, I asked him what he is holding in his claw.

    "Oh this? This is a Oval Shank Meer Bowl. It's some sort of tobacco, and I like to smoke the pipe. It feels great."

    After that answer, he continued to smoke his tobacco. He does not have his whole eyeballs covered in red, but his eyes are, you know, actually red. He also continued to gaze at me with his ruby-colored eyes. I feel very embarrassed to speak right now. Again, I asked another weird question to him about my appearance.

    "Your appearance nice, especially your smile," he said. "If you hear utter nonsense just because of your style or your clothes, then that means that other people are not kindhearted, and they should be avoided at all cost."

    Wow, that sentence that he had spoken was amazing. Who knew that he could be such a kind fellow.

    As we continued to talk, another boy that dressed casually- with a gray jacket and jeans- started to walk towards him and handed him what looks to me like twenty dollars. Seriously! No joke.

    He started to mumble something in return that included a bad word, and then he returned to his daily routine. After that, Ryan stood up and began to collect his cash.

    "Well, look at the time! Lunchtime is almost ending. I have to go now. See you later!" he waved as he took his money with him. "Meet you at the park tomorrow!"

    My mind finally settled. "Bye!"

    Looking back, the nasty words from the high school teenagers weren't so bad after all. I mean, what could possibly be worse than language? When I commenced to depart from my area, I saw that Poppy was not at her lunch table anymore. I wonder what she had thought of me when we started to look at each other in silence. But also, why did Ryan get money from a random stranger? Or is it his companion? And why is he look so animal-like? Is that even possible? Life is definitely full of unanswered questions.

    Because of him, I feel calm and controlled.


    Finally, the bell rings, and everybody sprinted towards their next class. Including me. Which I am now one of them.