• Prologue

    "Where are we?" said Issac.

    "Of course we don't know!" exclaimed Amanda, who looks very exhausted and tired. "What? Do you think that any of us know?!"

    The limo shook and wobbled on the bumpy road. Everyone sighed. The long automobile's windows were completely shut, which viewing outside was impossible.

    "Are we there yet?" questioned Penny, who groaned and tried to sit properly. "My bosom hurts by sitting here for almost two hours!"

    "Guys, can you stop complaining," Jason mumbled loudly. "Besides, I predict we are almost there to our destination."

    "Why are we even here?" Craig asked the driver, who did not even say a word back to him. "Let me go home. I have to use the restroom."

    "Eww, hold it, will you?" Sarah said, who was entirely grossed out by him.

    And then, the car screeched to a halt. The driver stopped driving and stepped outside. All of the teens struggled to the doors. In an instant, that same driver opened one of the car's doors. Every one of them rushed outside and breathed fresh air.

    "Freedom!" Yuri screamed in delight. She ran in circles, but then she stopped. Her expression changed from happy to extremely terrified. This time, the girl screamed in terror.

    Everybody glanced at her direction. Their eyes widened. There were zombies all over the place, and they were crawling and dragging themselves towards them.

    "RUN!" Ben shouted, and everybody scrambled to the nearest safest place. They spotted guards near a school who were trying to guide them towards safety, so they hurried to them. Unfortunately, Mya tripped on a rock, and decided to return to the limo to protect herself from the undead. She closed the opened car's door and locked it just in time. After Mya had slammed the door, the zombies are surrounding the limo, huddling and trying to break through.

    "Crap," Mya whined with fear. "What am I going to do now?!"


    Meanwhile, the other remaining teenagers followed the guards and police-like men. They led them to a place what looked like a safe house. Which, the place is actually called "The Safehouse."

    "Enter the Safehouse and wait for instructions," commanded a guard who was gripping Ryan's shoulder. "Do not go outside, unless you have permission to."

    Then, at the same time, all of the kids were shoved into the Safehouse by the men, and they locked the door. Inside, they saw beds, blankets, pillows, the restroom, and everything else except for food.

    "Goddammit!" shrieked Alan. "There is no food!"

    "There 'are' no food," corrected Lily.

    "Yeah, what she said," Lyla added.

    From Mercutio's view, he saw that Alan was annoyed. "Okay you three, break it up."

    The three of them stared at each other intensely until there was an announcement that appeared out of nowhere above their heads.

    "Attention fellow subjects. This is SK speaking. All of you need to put your protective gears on and send at least three people to take back one missing member from your team at the starting point. Avoid zombies, and take care."

    The room was silent for a while, but then Amanda broke the silence.

    "Oh hell no!" she shouted. "I am not going back there! It is too dangerous for me. Let the boys take care of it!"

    "Great idea," Yuri said. "And we would take turns to go outside."

    They all agreed, and Jason, Craig, and Issac headed towards the door. A dangerous adventure awaits them.

    End of Prologue