• Children of War vs The Avengers
    It is a time of crisis, before it was a time of heroes vs villains. They would avenge and fight for the people for justice and liberty, but all that has changed when a villain who calls himself “The Purple Man” who’s abilities that can control people. He managed to control the entire Avengers and half SHIELD. Now it is a time of crisis and villainy. There is no one that can stand up to the Purple Man’s avengers. He has taken control of half the country, those who oppose him are forever silence and the entire world is at risk and are now fearing for they’re lives. He must be stopped, he must be dealt with, but to those who face the Purple Man, must face…
    In Australia back at A.B.C HQ located in Sydney the entire crew watches the TV news network about the situation
    Dan: half the military is under control of this… guy?
    Juno: he calls himself the Purple Man, he was under SHIELD’s hit list for a while, they made him the big 10 most wanted men in the world on their public website
    Dan: top ten? Is he number 1?
    Juno: no but he should be, number 1 would be Dr. Doom
    Dan: great… if this escalates any further we’re looking at two super powers going at it at each other
    Himiko: isn’t there a way to stop him I mean…. There has to be right?
    Donavon: don’t know half it’s military who weren’t under this guy’s control is getting they’re asses kicked and plus doesn’t the United States have like y’know. “Heroes” super powered people? Metahumans? Mutants?
    Dan: maybe under his control
    Rey: I wish there was something we could do
    Dan: what can we do? We can’t just go there, it would not only be an international issue but we’d might set off a war between our countries
    Juno: hate to admit but we’re just kids. We’d be fighting I don’t know, thousands of adults with super powers?
    And that’s where you’re wrong kids
    A voice echoed throughout the building, the entire squad looks back and see’s Alexis, the staff leader. Next to him was a black man, wearing a long black coat with an eye patch, he had a strange aura, it was very intimidating, fear and someone you don’t wanna mess with. And next to him was a woman, someone who seems trusting and loyal.
    Alexis: guys I want to introduce you to someone, his name is Nick Fury, I’m sure you heard of him
    Juno: wha- whaaaaaaaaaaaa-
    Everyone got up to attention
    Dan: Nick Fury…
    Nick: you kids are probably all in shock, I know, because there are other kids like you too. I meet a lot of young super heroes
    Himiko: young super heroes?
    Donavon: you mean there are young super heroes? I didn’t know that
    Nick: well I don’t wanna go into the details, but I’m here for…. A special reason
    Rey: what could it be? And… wait. How do you know us? And how did you get in contact with Alexis?
    Nick: straight to the point good. Maria?
    Maria: I’ll take it from here, we’ve been…. Observing you all actually
    Dan: observing?
    Maria: we’ve kept an eye on you for some time, ever since the incident with you’re butt ins with the Tech Corp mercenaries in Africa, it all started with you Dan
    First it was Africa, we kept an eye on you since Tech Corp framed you as a young war criminal, then after that it was the War Zone incident that took place in Sydney, that gave us our full attention to your situation which also led you meeting with the A.B.C which surprisingly we didn’t know about
    Nick: our organization is known for knowing “everything” and I mean “everything” but you guys are the first.
    Maria: after the incident we’d thought you all quit by now. But of course we underestimate you guys. You guys kept going. And formed a small task force that would…. Exceed our expectations
    Nick: raiding crime bosses, destroying syndicates and investigating corruption.
    Dan: okay, so now you know each and everyone of us, and our corp, so what do you want now? Why come to us?
    Nick: because you guys….
    Are going to help us bring down “The Purple Man”