• He stands staring at the crashing waves from the pier. The distant chatter of the fishermen and their families echo around him. Nearly deafening. He taps his cigar and watches the ash tumble through the air into the sea below. It was an old pier. The boards moaned and groaned with each step the crowds took. He turns to watch the families venture from side to side, in hopes of seeing marine life below. A little girl no more than seven years of age tries her best to catch the pigeons that litter the pier. With each hop her pigtails, nearly the length of her body, bounce around. Slapping her face from time to time. She hops from board to board. The sounds of the boards make her giggle. He crushes out his cigar on the railing and tosses it into a nearby bin and begins to make his way off the pier.
    Suddenly there was a loud toned roar from beneath the pier, and it shook. Jarring the hoards of people. Everyone froze. The roar begain to grow louder and louder, just as an enormous horned sea monster emerged from the depths. The hoards began to panic, some falling over the railing and racing to the exit. He stood still, letting out a slight sign. He turns around to face the monster, still climbing from the depths. He shook his head with a slight smirk.
    "Ello beasty." He said as if him and the beast were old friends. "I've been expecting you."
    He clasps his hands together, and explodes his arms outreached to ither side of him, and with a black flash he was in a fitted mech suit. He reachs up to adjust his black circular sunglasses and begain walking toward the beast.
    "You know....You are early. I wasnt expecting you here til the pier was closed. You could have hurt someone. Oh, you dont care. Him just wants a snack. Poor Poor beasty." He said chuckling to himself.
    He reached the railing and stared up to the beast. "Did HE send you?" he asked as if he expected a response from the monster.
    The beast roared a blood curdling roar up to the heavens and stared down to him. Him standing now alone on the pier. Him standing between the beast and his dinner. The beast swung one of his many tentacles down to the man, standing uncaringly. Just as its about to crash down......it stops. A black glow engulfed the tentacle, and the man was gone. The beast looked confused and tried to pull its tentacle up. It wouldnt move. It was as if it was stuck, mid air.
    The Man appeared walking in the air infront of the beasts eyes. "Tsk Tsk Tsk. Thats not very nice." He says with a laugh. The same black glow can be seen under the boots of his mech suit.
    The Beast flails another tentacle to the man. It stops mid flight. With the glow around it. As does the other six tentacles.
    "No No No Beasty. Thou Shall Not touch."
    He hovers in closer to the beast. The beast snaps his jaws at him and eats the man. But is still immoblized. A beam of black light explodes from the top of the beast head. With a blink its circles around vertically slicing the beast in half. The halves fall in the oppisite direction of each other, with the man standing in air.
    "Ugh, This was my favorite suit," He says, walking down invisable stairs toward the pier, "Now it has fish guts all over it."
    He makes it to the railing of the pier and jumps down onto the pier, with his mech suit disappearing in a flash, back to his solid black suit. He pulls another cigar from his jacket pocket, lits it, and begins walking to the exit.