• MAX THALER. MORGAN WOODARD. THE SHERMAN TWINS. JACOB SUVERKROOBIE (or whatever the hell his last name was). Every one of these people were just leading figures for gossip (and worship). Either you loved them or you hated them.

    Personally, I just liked to learn about their lives. I stood in the corner and sent in a few people to retrieve gossip-worthy info. Emma was dating Jake Sherman... Morgan left the Jacob with the odd last name. Emma and Morgan were best friends. I loved Max, he loved Morgan. She loved Kyle, he loved some brunette.

    You'd take a take a test then you'd meet your friends.
    You played a band concert, you'd meet your friends.
    Who you knew made up your status.

    You suck in your stomach and you play a hot sport. You hate a certain teacher (or you say you do) and love one. You start a trend and you follow a trend.

    It was simple. You play by the rules and life is a breeze. You fall from grace and your an ink smudge wiped off the paper.

    I loved it.