• "Moving on is simple. It's what we leave behind that's hard". An aphorism that depicts how great it is to be in high school. High School is, as people say, the most fun and notable of all the five levels of our studies--preparatory, elementary, high school, college, graduate school.
    . Preparatory and Elementary are stages that we barely know what we are doing, college is too sedate and grueling and graduate school is obviously much more stressing and problematic. High School is a stage where we were fond of fun, adventure and experience with a jot of stress and quandary--technically, the median of all the stages of studies. There are a lot of things that make high school fun and one of which is love. High school is where most people get to experience how it feels to love someone and to be loved back in return, how break-ups hurt, how delighting it is etc. I don't really have a neat experience with love myself since i limit myself to infatuations--I'm unaware of what it is customarily and I'm afraid of miscarrying my obligations etc. Teens get to experience difficulties and learn to face it on their own--basically, to be independent. In my high school life, i got to learn all the lessons of life that we have to keep in mind: trust issues, superficiality, pragmatism etc. that we face and realize through the people we meet in school. Generally, high school is a stage of life where we were prepared not just for the forthcoming prospects but also for the rest of our life.