• Hello everyone im about to tell this story as it exactly happned so please bare with me.

    I was apart of Mt Druitt high school in Sydney Australia and our school was made up of diffrent campus's any way they were Shalvey high, Bidwill high, Dunheaved high, Whalan high and of course us at Mt Druitt high. it was a friday afternoon about 1:05 pm and we had sports now i was on the football team and we were versing Shalvey that day at our school. the lunch bell went and we went out to the qaudrangle and a few of the shalvey boy's were hiding somthing since i was a trouble maker i had to find out so my freinds john,danile and moony snatched the shalvey boy's bag and were glad we did i swear to you on anything you guys would like one of these guys had an eptied out 9mm pistol. needless to say that was pretty intimidating especially when a fight broke out between these 15 shalvey guys and about 10 of us, as soon as i had that 9mm pointed at my head i was pretty scared but their is no way i would back down never have and i never will i think if i continue id be ignoring the gaia ToS so ill just say in the end mt druitt high won the fight and thats how i was able to idenify the pistol after all i no alot about them my dad is a police officer.