• The scene is a retreat on an unknown island; covered with volcanoes, palm trees, and green. Now we zoom in on a secluded part of the island, where a small hotel is located. The withered walls are a cream color, the pool has a concrete surrounding, but other than that, there is bushes and a few more palm trees.
    The group staying at the hotel is the only other living thing there; the manager left the building a long time ago, he just got tired of keeping up with a place where nobody wants to go to. The group staying are a bunch of theatre, band, and art kids.
    Out on the pool side, you will see a lounge chair taking host to a boy and a girl, both of the age of 15. The boy had black hair, a little bit frizzy; he is wearing a black short sleeve shirt and jeans. In his arms, you will see a girl with an abnormal red hair color, length just a little past her ears; wearing a green tank and black skinnies. Her head is leaning back on his shoulder with her cheek pressing against his. They are laughing about something, and her hand reaches up and strokes his hair.
    Her hand falls onto her arm, and silence for five minutes passes through and she looks over and realizes that the boy is missing. She frantically gets up and searches for him, but she can't find him anywhere. She tries asking hers and his best friend, and he complety ignored her.
    "Hey! Come back here, I need help!" She tries grabbing his arm and just shrugs it away and keeps on walking. "Can somebody, anybody help me?!"
    She asked her friends, and they either ignored her like before or they would say something like:
    "Who the hell is that?" Or:
    "Get away from me you freak..." She finally just gave up and went back to the lounge chair. She desperately wanted him back; she even believed that he would show up with that big goofy grin she loved so much. She sat with her knees pulled to her chest and her face burried into her legs.
    He never showed up....which teaches us a lesson in life: Never take anything for granted, cause one day, you'll miss it.