• This is my first year of high school and it’s going okay until I get this huge crush on this guy. Of course I tell my friends Morgan and Natasha. Morgan only makes me blush when ever I’m near him. So it’s no big deal really, my face is sorta naturally red. But Natasha on the other hand talks about it constantly and never shuts up about it! Plus just to make it worse Natasha has a bad habit of writing stuff on people. Which makes my problems so much easier right?
    So, one day I come into first period, I’m tired as ever because I had a huge writing assignment due at the beginning of second period. Which just so happened to have my crush in. I take my seat next to Natasha and Morgan, once our math teacher Mr. Just isn’t paying attention I fall asleep.
    When my head it up in the clouds and I’m dreaming. I feel a cool wet ooze on my arm. I wake up and my head is spinning, I’m hardly able to balance in my own desk. I look over to my elbow and I notice Natasha is writing something on my arm. I quickly pulled it away noticing it said I <3 T.K. My eyes widened, I wanted to hit her so badly! But I didn’t have time to worry about it. I had to get it off, but I didn’t know what to do. I quickly started rubbing my arm, licking, anything to get it off!
    “Jess, you look like a cat!” Morgan laughed. I rolled my eyes and glared at Natasha as I rubbed off the green writing.
    “Um, honey you know that’s permanent marker right?” Natasha said as her evil green eyes twinkled. I wanted to scream there was no way I was going to get this off until at least hall break. Even then the girls bathroom was on the other side of the school since the freshmen bathrooms are always locked.
    I didn’t speak to anyone the rest of the class period, I was frustrated and I didn’t want to say something I would regret. As soon as the bell rang I jumped out of my seat and ran out the door.
    “Jessie! Hold up.” I turned there he stood. His blue eyes twinkling, and strutting his legendary Kentucky hoodie. Me on the other hand it was taking all my will power my not to bite my black nails and shake in my black combat boots.
    “Hey, Tanner.” I mumbled. I held my arm behind my back. It was already weird enough that we where friends. A Goth and a Jock, a lot of girls had already given my glares from staying with him after school.
    “Jess, you look a little worried. What’s behind your back?” He asked. My heart stopped as soon as he said those words. I couldn’t move, so like an idiot I let my two arms down. His gaze went right to the evil green ink. As he looked at me and smiled.
    “Tanner I can explain.”
    “You don’t need to.” He kissed my on the forehead. “I think I’m the one that needs to explain.”