• Well one day it was the first day of my freshman year. I was walking along and four dudes came up to me. They were the seniors. They said "Hey short stuff, every Friday of the week every single freshman in this school would get trashcaned by us the Seniors. It's a big tradition. Enless you can get away." Well I got worried because we started school on a Wednsday. Holy crap. Maybe I can find a way to sneak off. Because I will hide from every senior there. That is tough.

    The the second day, I got called up to the office. I wonder why. But when I got out of my seat all my stuff falls out of my backpack! Oh no. Students started laughing their asses off. I thought it was pretty rude. When I got up my skirt flew up. Guys were looking up it. The teacher didn't notice a thing. How freaking rude.

    The third day I couldn't open my locker. Oh no a senior. It was Friday. Oh s**t! I ran and ran. But there were seniors every where. No matter where I went they were there. What caught my eye is that the principal was a big strong guy and threw one of the seniors in the dumpster. That was embarssing for me because I got protected by a teacher.

    Well I got many more embarrssing moments. But you would spend days reading this fabulous story about my high school year. Man were they embarssing for me. Strong principal two huge guys about 6 feet tall. Man they are huge! In my freshman year I was only 4 and half feet tall. I was ******** short. Well anyways have a nice day without an embarssment!